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Beat, Band, Boogie

We started our topic listening to The Carnival of the Animals. We had to listen and guess what animals the music was representing. We then moved around the hall like that animal.

Carnival of The Animals Complete Full Version Le Carnaval des Animaux Complet Camille Saint-Saƫns

We learned about Chinese New Year and watched a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance

We then worked in groups to collect vocabulary about the dragon dance to help us write an acrostic poem about Dragons.


We sequenced the animals from the Chinese New Year Story as well as tasting Chinese foods such as noodles, egg fried rice, pomelo, lychees and decided what our favourites were. 

We learnt to sing and dance to this Chinese Dragon song.

Chinese New Year Song for Kids

We then created our own version by changing some of the movements and performed it our way. See if you can sing it with our new words!



We made dragon puppets and performed a dance to some Chinese drumming and gave each other feedback.

We had Bloco Vale Samba visit to give us a drumming workshop. It was very noisy but lots and lots of fun!


We prepared for our Valentines Carnival procession at the end of term by designing and making a musical instrument using recycled materials..

Our parent child workshop session was to make a valentine's themed banner to include in our Carnival procession. As an extra challenge there were some welsh valentines words that needed to be included too! Thank you to everyone who came. We had some amazing banners produced.