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Dens and Dandelions

We have started our Dens and Dandelions topic by planting some seeds. We planted basil, mint and tomato seeds. Over the next few weeks we will look after the seeds and keep a plant diary to measure changes that are happening as they grow. 

We worked in groups to explore and sort plants into different categories.

We set up a class experiment to find out "Do flowers use their stems to drink water?" We made predictions then observed the changes. Ask your child what happened?

We have been creating stolen word poetry using a nature picture as a starting point and finding words in old magazines to build our poem.

We had a fantastic trip to the Glynn Vivien art gallery. We had the challenge of finding plants and animals in the pieces of art around the gallery. We draw these and then created our own piece of art using collage and watercolours. We definitely have some budding artists in Year 2! 
Den designing.
We have designed a den for our choice of cuddly animal. It had to be windproof, rainproof and big enough our den. We tested the dens after we had built and evaluated our work. 

RSPB Exploring animal senses.

The RSPB came into school to provide an outdoor workshop looking at how mini-beasts and birds use their senses to explore their natural habitat.

A Visit to Pets At Home

We walked to Pets At Home in Fforestfach ready to learn about how to look after pets. The lady let us hold a rabbit and a guinea-pig. A customer even let us stroke his dog.