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Foundation Phase Fun Club

Foundation Phase Fun Club is an after school club held every Wednesday from 3pm - 4pm which is exclusively for Foundation Phase Pupils. The club is run by Mrs. Amirat and Mrs. Mainwaring-Lorey, and the pupils are able to plan what they want to do each week. 
20th March

This week the fun club had plasticine and paper plate craft, large construction and they also had a soft play trail to follow and move along. 

The next three weeks have already been planned by the children - 27th March = ipads, laptops, Bee Bots, and remote control toys, 3rd April = Cooking week and 10th April = Bouncy castle fun!

13th March
This week the children chose crafts and gymnastics! We did some collage, watercolour painting and using the gym mat for jumps and rolls. We also had the usual and PS3 frown
6th March 
Our first Foundation Phase Fun Club celebrated Pancake Day! We made some funny face fruity pancakes as a yummy treat and then everyone had a say in what they wanted to see in club over the next few weeks. 
We ended the session with a game of Duck Duck Goose which everyone loved!