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Land Ahoy!

To start our topic of "Land Ahoy", we visited the Waterfront Museum where we were greeted by a pirate!! He told us all about real pirate life and what it was like to sail the seas on a pirate ship. He also told us stories of Barti Ddu, a famous Welsh pirate. 

Afterwards we went on a boat ride on the Swansea Copper Jack. We were very excited and for some, it was the first time on a boat. 

We have been learning about half turns and quarter turns when following directions to get to the pirate pictures. Great listening skills! 

The class received a letter from Barti Ddu asking us to design rafts to carry his treasure to a different island. Children had to make a raft that would float and then estimate how much treasure it would carry before testing it. Lots of fun exploring and testing our ideas.