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Memory Box


Our first story focus for our topic Memory Box has been Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. Children have made a class set of paper dolls and then imagined the adventures they went on, children then made their own set of paper dolls and drew their family onto them. We talked about memories and drew our own happy memories. 

We looked at patterns and made repeating colour patterns using paper dolls. 


Our second book focus in this topic was Dogger by Shirley Hughes. We have made Lost posters describing Dave's lost dog, we have drawn and described our favourite toys and we have been on a a toy hunt, making a graph to count how many of each toy we had found. 



Swansea Museum lent us a selection of old toys so we could explore how they worked, compare them to new toys and sort  them into the materials they were made from. 

Our final story for the topic of Memory Box was "Funnybones" by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. 

The book was delivered to us as a mystery parcel and we were only given the very first page as a start to spark our imaginations! 


We had to draw what we imagined was in the dark, dark cellar!! We had some lovely ideas from scary monsters, to big crocodiles to naughty kittens! 

After we had guessed, we unwrapped the story and read it together and discovered the story was about some cheeky skeletons on a night-time adventure.


We learnt some size vocabulary and ordered skeletons by size, we had to solve the number sentences on a bone in order to put the broken skeleton back together, we used masks to retell the story with our friends, we programmed the Beebot to travel the same journey as the skeletons did, we made some great skeleton art using cotton buds and we got creative making some healthy fruity skull pancakes. 


Scamp Theatre - The Scarecrow's Wedding



Thanks to funding from The Arts Council of Wales, we finished our topic of Memory Box with a trip to the Swansea Grand Theatre to watch "The Scarecrow's Wedding". It was a beautiful story about people who are special to us but we also got to see the old farmer thinking about memories of his own wedding. 
The extra special part of this performance was that the children were able to hear a range of musical instruments, such as violins, banjos, harmonica, kazoo and drums, being played live.