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We came in to school one day and our classrooms had been given a Christmas makeover!! The person who did it left their snowy footprints. We made guesses about who it could be and made teachers, children, Mr. Dennis and even John, compare their feet to the footprints to see if it was them! We decided it must have been Santa.

We then had a surprise visit from Santa himself! He reminded us about keeping save and keeping two meters apart so we waved at him and said hello from a distance.

We also made some lovely fingerprint Christmas art.

We read the story "Father Christmas Needs a Wee" and sang "When Santa got stuck up the Chimney". We thought about ways we could help Santa get out.

We decided we wanted to make Christmas hot chocolate as a treat. So we made a hot chocolate station and chose what decorations we wanted on them. Such a yummy treat!

Our class bears sent us a special mission for our Christmas cards this year. They gave us the challenge of drawing them as Snow Bears use chalk and charcoal. We worked really hard and we think they look amazing!

We all looked amazing for Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day. Thank you for your donations.

Santa Shark.mp3