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Are We Nearly There Yet?

Our final topic of the year is "Are We Nearly There Yet?", where we will be exploring different types of transport and journeys.

As a topic hook we went to Swansea Museum to meet Bopa Val on the world's first passenger train! We imagined we were going on a summer trip to Mumbles on the tram, just like Bopa Val did when she was a little girl.

We the went on a transport hunt in the Waterfront Museum. We saw old cars, an old steam engine, model ships, an old aeroplane and a very old bike!

We ended our day sailing on the Copper Jack Boat up the River Tawe. We saw old photos and compared them with what we saw outside of the boat window.

We looked at aerial photos of the River Tawe and then tried making our own River using foil. We then tested it by filling it with water and finding things to float on the river.


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We tested more objects from around the classroom to see if they would float or sink.

We read 'Mr. Gumpy's Outing' and made group story maps to help us retell the story.

Mr. Gumpy sent us a challenge to share the animals between his new boats. We tried sharing 10 or 15 animals between 2, 3, 4 and 5 boats! We soon realised that we couldn't always share them equally.

We explored how different boats moved. Some used air in different ways and another used an elastic band!

We used a tally to count how many of each vehicle we could see driving past our school gates. We put the information into a pictogram when we came back to class and discussed the information.

We wrote our own version of The Wheels on the Bus and illustrated it using Jit Paint.

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