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Superstars 2021-2022

17.06.22 - Superstar this week is Oliwier for doing fantastic work with money!

10.06.22 - Superstar this week is Lewis for always trying his best and making great improvements in his work.

27.05.22 - Superstar is Lacey for writing a fantastic newspaper report about Boudicca

13/05/22 - Superstar is Teddy - Fantastic Welsh labelling of Boudicca!

01/04/22 - Superstar is Rhodri for fantastic knowledge about changing materials.

Caleb and Lilly are both superstars for working hard learning digital time this week.

Armani 11/03/22 - Armani is our Superstar this week for trying very hard with her reading and improving.

Nevaeh 04/03/2022 - Superstar for making a fantastic observational drawing of some beautiful daffodils

Maddie 04/02/22 - Maddie has written an excellent diary entry from Theseus and the Minotaur! Fantastic!

Superstar 28/01/22 - Diamond has been writing some fantastic descriptive sentences this week! Da iawn!

Superstar 21/01/22

Superstar 14/01/2022

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