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Superstars 2019-2020

Friday 28th February 


Our superstar this week is Elif, she has been trying extremely hard on blending and reading her words. We have seen a massive difference with her in school. Keep up the hard work Elif, da iawn. 

Friday 14th February 


Our super star this week is Lexi, Lexi always has a positive attitude to her work. She has been trying really hard to become more independent in the challenges. Gwaith da Lexi

Friday 7th February 


Our superstar today is Riley, he has been working really hard on his reading and writing. Riley is always a good friend to everyone and a super helper in class! Da iawn Riley 

Friday 24th January 


Our superstar today is Liam, for his excellent work in in all area but particularly in his writing. Liam managed to score 10 out of 10 in his spelling test and write an excellent story. Keep it up Liam 


Friday 17th January 


Our superstar today is Shay, Shay has been working particularly hard on his writing. We have seen a massive improvement in his effort and remembering to do finger spaces and forming his letters correctly. Keep it up Shay. Da iawn.

Friday 10th January


Our superstar today is William, he has come back to school a brand new little boy. His attitude towards his work, reading and listening has improved massively. Keep being the best you can be William, gwaith da. 

Friday 6th December 


Our superstar today is Ayse, she has been working particularly hard with her reading and writing. We have seen a massive improvement in her work. Keep it up Ayse. 


Friday 29th November


This weeks superstar is Pheobe. Pheobe doesn't always find it that easy to talk infant of the class. Over the weeks has become more and more confident and has enjoyed performing onstage in front of all the Foundation Phase. Keep it up Pheobe you little smiler :-) 

Friday 22nd November


Our superstar this week goes to Lilly. Lilly could be our superstar every week for many reasons. However this week she has particularly excelled with her independent numeracy skills. Not only has Lilly completed her own challenges to a high standard but has helped her friends who needed some guidance. Well done for working hard and being a fabulous friend.

Friday 15th November 


Our superstar this week is Summer, over the past few weeks Summers confidence has improved drastically. She has enjoyed contributing to class discussions and taking part in our dance routine. Summer is trying really hard to be independent in our new learning zones and has produced some beautiful week. Da iawn Summer

Friday 7th November 


Our maths superstar this week is Logan. He has come in beautifully in all areas, Logan has enjoyed explaining to his friends what to do in the maths zone. He is always kind, thoughtful and full of interesting conversations. Keep it up Logan

Friday 11th October 


Our superstar this week is Mutwkil, he is so kind and generous, a real special friend in our class. He has been trying extremely hard in all areas of learning particularly his spelling and reading! Gwaith da Mutwkil :-)

Friday 4th October 


Our superstar this week is Julia, she has been a fabulous member of our class, helping others every single day. Everyday she makes us smile, with her funny stories and amazing singing. She has particularly worked hard on her spelling words and it is really showing in her writing. Keep up the hard work Julia 

Friday 27th September 


Our superstar today is Lacey May, Lacey has been working really hard on her writing and made some amazing improvements. Her reading is also coming along beautifully. Very proud of you Lacey, keep it up. 


Friday 20th September


Our superstar today is Ruby, she is really thriving in year 2 with an excellent work ethic. Ruby has worked extremely hard, working on numbers up to 1000 and retelling our brand new story The Paper Dolls. She is a kind and caring friend and such a fabulous helper. Gwaith da Rubzz. 

Friday 13th September 


Our superstar goes to Maddison for many reasons but in particular for her hard work in this weeks spelling test and scoring an amazing 10 out of 10. Maddie is a caring and kind little girl who always tries her best. Da lawn Maddie.



Friday 6th September


Our first superstar of the year goes to Charlie, he has had a fantastic start to year 2 and his new class. He is full of smiles, cuddles and positive attitude to work. He has really impressed us with his fantastic writing. Da iawn Charlie :-)