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Purple pot winner

Each week every child has the opportunity to go on to Purple Rhodri. They can be awarded this for doing fantastic work, listening beautifully, great manors and/or superstar behaviour. All teachers and helpers are watching and anyone at any time can award the children Purple Rhodri.

If they go on to purple their name goes in to a purple pot. On Friday the pot gets taken to Mrs Lecrass to be picked out from the whole schools purple pot. The children will get to spend some quality time with Mrs Lecrass during the afternoon.

Friday 21st October 


Our purple pot winner this week goes to the amazing Daniel! Daniel is such a hard working individual, always tries his best and will always go that extra mile. Daniel enjoyed some quality time with Mrs Lecrass this afternoon! Great job Daniel.

Purple Pot winner Friday 30th September 


Amazing Amelia is our purple pot winner today! Amelia is such a superstar who is such a kind member of the class, has beautiful manors and always takes pride in her work. Da iawn Amelia 


Purple Pot winner Friday 23rd September


Our winner for purple pot this week goes to Emily! Emily is always trying her best in all areas and particularly working hard on her reading and writing. We have seen a huge improvement in her this week. Probably down to why she has been on purple so many times! Gwaith da Emily.


Purple Pot Winner Friday 16th September 

Our lovely Lola has been on purple many times this week for her hard work, brilliant attitude and kind manors. Keep up the hard work Lola we are very proud. Gwaith da!