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Brainstorming: What is a carnival?

We talked to our friends and shared our ideas with the class. 

10 Famous Carnivals around the World - Festival Facts | Educational Videos by Mocomi presents: Carnivals around the world! Watch an exciting video about the ways carnivals are celebrated in different parts of the world! 1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Samba parade is the major attraction in which almost 5000 dancers dance to loud music and parade on the long road especially built for the carnival.

We watched this video and listened to the information about what is a carnival and how they are celebrated around the world. As a phase (Year 1 and 2) we decided what we wanted to learn and considered where our learning would take us. 


Chinese New Year


We started our topic looking at the Chinese New Year. We listened to the story about the Jade Emperor, who thought there should be a way to measure time.. so he told the animals that were would be a race and the first 12 animals would be rewarded by having a year named after them.



In small groups we used the internet to research some facts about the Chinese New Year. 


We learnt how to weave paper to create a pattern. It was tricky but we didn't give up! 

Making Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Fruit Tasting


On Friday, we joined Mrs Williams' and Miss Charles' class to look at fruits that come from China. As part of the celebration we tried the fruits and used JIT to make a pictogram and bar graph on which fruit was our favourite. 


Making masks with Mrs Welsh (PPA)

The right to an identity - Article 7 Holocaust Memorial Day

Seven Continents Song

Learning continents so we can find out where the carnivals are.

We have been learning our two, five and ten times tables. We have been singing songs, playing games to help us remember multiplication facts. 

We used Numicon to help us with our learning. 

In our Literacy lessons, we have been looking at posters. We have looked at feature of a poster, we used a checklist to rate posters. 

We have worked in groups to create our own posters. We have enjoyed looking at different posters. 

In thinking partners, we wrote ideas for our own success criteria. We shared them to the class before creating our class "Poster Potion"


We have been very busy in class. We have been using the internet to research different carnivals in research groups. Each group had to find information about a given carnival and then feed back what they found out to the class. 

We have looked at Rio de Janerio, Carnevale di Venezia, Notting Hill and Mardi Gras. 


Laura Ashley


We have studied a welsh artist as part of our work. We looked at what Laura Ashley did, what she made and how she made her work. We wanted to become designers just like Laura, so we designed our own print and using polystyrene tiles we made our own art work. 

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant

Winners of the art competition

Laura Ashley inspired printing. We looked at different samples of Laura Ashley's work before designing our own tiles and printing using ink. We then used oil pastels to add texture and colour to the printed work. 

1st: Qushan 

2nd: Mylie

3rd: Phoebe 

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant


We have really enjoyed celebrating today. We started the celebration with our whole school assembly, where we sang our welsh song we have been learning, we shared our art work that we have been busy doing in class and watched other children performing. It was a lovely morning. we finished the day off by making welsh cakes which we took home for our parents to help us cook.... we had a very own Mini Bake Off! 


Welsh Cakes

We took our welsh cakes home to bake with our family. Here are some of the children who joined the bake off....

World Book Day


We had lots of characters in class today to celebrate WBD. Lots of smiling faces!


We even read Leon's favourite book, by Tom Fletcher:

The Dinosaur that pooped the bed!

Learning our sounds


We have been outside playing games to help us learn how to blend and use the correct grapheme. We had lots of fun!



We have also been looking for sound in sand, building words to blend and segment. 

Learning our sounds outside

Multiplication and Division


We have been busy learning our times tables.

We have been looking at multiplication and division and solving problems practically.

Learning how to share...

We learnt a rhythm to help us learn the a samba with instruments. First we used body instruments, including out voices and then used different types of instruments. 

Ready to Samba? Okay!

As part of our topic, we choose "to plan a party" which is one of the "50 things to do at BYMP"

As a phase we researched ideas for food, prepared which class would make what, what our carnival would look like and what we needed. 

We decided to make our own costumes by designing a t-shirt and making our own musical instruments. 

We invited our parents to school to join in with our carnival. We made posters and invitations for our parents. 

We were able to tick off another one of our "50 things to do in BYMP"