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Me and My World!

Going on a star hunt!

We found Baby Jesus when we went on a star hunt... we sang a beautiful song and read a story to make sure he was sleeping before carrying him back to class safely. 

Children in Need 2021

Our first trip to the cinema

We remember... 11.11.21

Exploring light and dark in our challenge time

Making and decorating Diva Lamps

Making Rangoli Patterns Outside

Making Rangoli Patterns

Our campfire and roasted marshmallows

We looked at Google Earth and found out school. We zoomed out and saw what Earth looked like from Space. 

We found the Houses of Parliament and saw where Guy Fawkes has had been found. 

Mrs ML also read the story about Guy Fawkes and the meaning behind Bonfire Night. We made our own Guys

Mrs ML read a story about Francis the Firefly who played with matches. We learn how to keep safe and what we should do if we see a fire. 

Frances the Firefly

We watched fireworks on the computer and brainstormed lots of words to describe fireworks. We became fireworks and created sounds and movements. We then used these words to put into sentences to create a simple poem. 


We made fireworks in milk.

We created different patterns using food colouring and used fairy liquid to create a reaction in the milk.


We explored different techniques to make fireworks in the night sky. 

Use used glue to create patters and then put salt on the top. We used food colouring to create pretty colours in the salt. 


We created our own fireworks in a glass by adding food colouring to oil and water. 

Mrs ML read the story "Sparks in the Sky!" We looked how people celebrate Bonfire Night. 

Sparks in the Sky | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Today's story is 'Sparks in the Sky'. Bo loves Bonfire Night! What is your favourite celebration? Listen to the story, then try the fun activities.For ages 3...

Author Katie Sahota introduces 'Little Glow'

This book allowed us to see how different people celebrated different festivals.


We arrived in class to find this surprise! We looked at clues as to where our learning may take us.

Mrs Amirat challenged us to make a cake with the marrow that had been grown in the garden. We went to work straight away and made the most delicious cake. All the children had a little try and impressed Mrs Mainwaring smiley KC was such a brave little boy that he tried the marrow before it even made it into the cake. 

We have been having lots of fun exploring our new classrooms - there is so much room for us to play and so much for us to learn. 

We read the book called "Titch" We then spoke to Mrs Mainwaring and told her what we would like to learn this term. Here are our ideas. 

Titch Read Aloud

Read aloud of "Titch" of Patch Hutchins.This in NOT an AR Book.*No copyright intended. I do not own any of the text or images presented in the video. If you ...

We made smiling faces using materials in our Loose Play Zone.