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Da Iawn Emilia! She has been an IT Wizard this week and completed all of her challenges on the chromebook!





This weeks Superstar is Klaudia! She really impressed with her fractions skills this week! What a star!




This weeks superstar goes to Jay! What a helpful and energetic member of the class he has been since he joined us from another school. Gwaith Da Jay!




Our superstar this week is Alan for being a healthy and confident pupil. He has worked his socks off and enjoyed showing off his work to other staff and pupils! Da iawn ti!





What a superb week for Liam! He's worked very hard on his reading and impressed in his literacy lessons! Gwaith Da!





Tanisha won this weeks superstar award! She has been ambitious and capable by completing several writing tasks independently! Gwaith da Tanisha!





Layla has been a model pupil this week! She has thrown her self and every challenge, competition and eisteddfod entry! She came 1st place in her story writting and lead her group in the poem! Da iawn ti Layla!





Raylee has had a fantastic week and wins our superstar award! He has started the day on the right foot and completed all of his tasks! Gwaith Da Raylee!





Gwaith Ffantasteg Vanessa! Her attendance has improved this week which has meant a huge improvement in her work! She has impressed Miss Thomas and I with her abilities in mathematics! 





Mr Kissick chose this weeks superstar for her hard work across all areas of learning this week. Klauida has a fantastic attitude towards school and tries her best at all times!





What a great week from Jenson! He has a health and confident pupil by really trying hard to work independently!





Mahmut has been ambitious and capable this week! He wrote an excellent recount on our trip to Pembroke Castle! Gwaith Da!





We've been very lucky to have had Jay join our class this term! He's this weeks Superstar for settling in well and making several new friends this week. He's impressed with his reading skills and entertained us with several facts around our topic - Castles, Knights and Dragons! Gwaith da Jay!




Olivia has really tried her best this week with her reading skills! Da Iawn Olivia!





Layla May is our superstar this week for her excellent attitude towards maths this week, she worked hard on her division skills and is really impressing with her reading too! Ffantasteg Layla!






Braydon won this weeks superstar award for his amazing attitude towards all areas of school life! Braydon competed his missions independently and worked hard on his handwriting! Da iawn ti!





Mason won this weeks award for being a kind friend! Da iawn ti Mason!





Zakk won superstar this week for his efforts in mathematics lessons! Zakk has shown he is really capable when using his times tables! Gwaith ffantasteg!





Ebonie is our superstar this week for her fantastic research on the planets in our solar system! Da iawn ti





Tristan wins this weeks Superstar award for his fantastic attitude towards his work. He worked his socks off this week when faced with a challenging Maths Mission! Da Iawn Ti





Well done to Layla who won this weeks Superstar award for her fantastic written work in our topic 'Star Gazing'.  Gwaith Da Layla!





Mahmut takes home the Superstar award this week for being a kind friend! It was very pleasing to see him helping other children in his group when they needed it! Da iawn!




Liam is this weeks superstar for effort in our P.E lesson this week. He was like a young Michael Jordan in our basketball style team game. He was also very supportive of his team mates! Well done Liam!





Emeilia wins this weeks superstar award for being enterprising and creative! She completed our addition task in maths by workout out how much fruit we need each week, the amount it will cost and how much to charge each individual. Da Iawn Emilia!




Zakk secures this weeks superstar award for his fantastic written work throughout the week! Zakk took onboard feedback at the start of the week and by Friday had written several perfect pieces of work! Gwaith da Zakk!




Tanisha won this weeks superstar award for her excellent work in Maths! At the start of every Maths lesson this week she claimed that the work was to difficult, she didn't give up and by the end of the lesson was saying the work was to easy! Great use of our classroom Growth Mindset charter indeed!




This weeks superstar goes to Emma! She has really settled into our new class and has helped other children with their new classroom routines. Da iawn ti Emma!