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Reach for the stars!

We started our topic by asking the children for their ideas!

We listened to Mrs Amirat tell us the story of Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Stories read aloud. Read by The Story Teller. #readaloud #StorytimeAnytime

We designed and made rockets for our class bears. We had so much fun making our rockets!

Designing and making rockets for our class bears!

We talked about Bonfire Night and Diwali and we learnt that both these celebrations use fireworks.

We made poems about fireworks and sparklers!


We had fun outside creating our very own fireworks on the yard, by throwing coloured powder and using paint to create different creative effects. 

We had a treat when, Matthew Tosh, a pyrotechnic, visited Foundation Phase to give us a show to explore the sights, sounds and smells of fireworks and the science behind them.

Oh No! A rocket landed in our garden! 
We quietly went outside to explore the crash site to look for clues to help us see who it could have been! We thought of many ideas, for example the rocket had crashed into the moon and landed in the garden, aliens wanted new friends so they came to our school or even they could have been hungry and could smell Denise’s cooking from space! 

We looked at the planets in our Solar System and which planet we live on. We counted the planets and looked at how each planet is different, in size and colour. 

We then made planets using baking powder, water and added food colouring to match one of the planets. We then explored what happened when we added vinegar...... wow, we noticed that this was when the amazing effects happened. We really enjoyed this activity. 

We looked at pictures of the moon and we noticed that there were holes on the surface. We learnt that these were called craters. We made some moon surface using flour and baby oil, and explored which type of ball made the best crater.

Moon crater 1.mp4

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Moon crater 2.mp4

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Moon crater 3.mp4

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Moon crater 4.mp4

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We discovered that the football made the biggest crater because it was big but the small ball made a deeper crater because it was heavier.

We made wanted posters to help us find the aliens, that left their rocket in our garden. 

We made Alien spaceships to help the aliens get back to their planet.

We had a surprise visit from Trixie the Alien!!! We decided she was the alien who had crashed her rocket in our quad! She wanted to play hide and seek and we had a dance with her too!

When we got back to class, the Trixie and the crashed rocket had gone!! Some of us thought we could hear her rocket going back up to space. Bye Bye Trixie!

To celebrate Trixie getting back to her planet, we had an alien themed party. We made alien party hats, we made healthy vegetable rocket wraps, space themed sandwiches and as a treat we made crispy green alien faces!

We were sad to see Trixie leave us so we thought of some questions to send to her. Maybe she will send us a message soon with some answers.