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Reach for the stars!

We started our topic by asking the children for their ideas!

We listened to Mrs Amirat tell us the story of Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Stories read aloud. Read by The Story Teller. #readaloud #StorytimeAnytime

We designed and made rockets for our class bears. We had so much fun making our rockets!

Designing and making rockets for our class bears!

We talked about Bonfire Night and Diwali and we learnt that both these celebrations use fireworks.

We made poems about fireworks and sparklers!


We had fun outside creating our very own fireworks on the yard, by throwing coloured powder and using paint to create different creative effects. 

We had a treat when, Matthew Tosh, a pyrotechnic, visited Foundation Phase to give us a show to explore the sights, sounds and smells of fireworks and the science behind them.