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Star of the Week - 20.05.22



Bradley is the Dosbarth Llangennith this week! He has worked hard all week and has had a smile on his face every day this week! Da iawn, Brad. Well deserved!

Star of the Week - 13.05.22



This week's superstar is Marley-Jay! We have recently started our Enterprise project where we will be designing a product to make and sell in Castle Gardens marketplace in June. Marley has shown excellent motivation and determination to research and design a product to sell which has been great to see. Well done, Marley!

Star of the Week - 06.05.22



This week's superstar is Bonnie! She has been working extremely hard in Maths where we have been learning about money. This week, Bonnie has shown excellent understanding when adding different money amounts and calculating the necessary change. Da iawn, Bonnie!

Star of the Week - 08.04.22



Alfie is the class' superstar this week! He has shown a determined attitude with his work recently and is enjoying being challenged in maths with his money calculations. Well done Alfie, keep up the hard work! 

Star of the Week - 01.04.22



Morgan is our superstar this week! Morgan always has a good attitude and brings a great sense of humour to class. He has worked really hard this week and is a well-deserved winner. Da iawn, Morgan! 

Star of the Week - 11.03.22



This week the class superstar is Chanel! She is a hardworking individual that is always happy and kind to others. This week, she has worked incredibly hard on her maths and has enjoyed using the grid method in multiplication. Da iawn Chanel, well deserved!

Star of the Week - 04.03.22



Callum is our superstar this week! He has returned to school after the half term holiday with a determined attitude which has helped him in all of his lessons this week. Callum enjoyed reading his Eisteddfod story to the foundation phase children this week which was great to see. Great job, Callum!

Star of the Week - 11.02.22



The class superstar this week is Laquisha! She always tries her best in every lesson and enjoys working either on her own or in a group. This week, she has been working hard on her multiplication in maths and has started her story writing and art entries for the Eisteddfod competition. Well done, Laquisha! 

Star of the Week - 04.02.22

This week's superstar is Caitlin! She is a pleasure to have in class and always tries her best. This week she has worked extremely hard to finish her magical poem and made sure to include lots of different rhymes and similes in her work. Da iawn Caitlin!

Star of the Week - 28.01.22



Bradley is this week's superstar! He has worked really hard on his attendance recently and has shown excellent understanding with his multiplication skills. He enjoyed working independently to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100, and 1000. Well done Bradley, keep up the hard work!

Star of the Week - 21.01.22



The class superstar this week is C-Jay! He has worked his socks off since coming back from the Christmas holidays and is starting to develop the ability to complete tasks more independently. A well deserved superstar this week, great job C-Jay - keep it up!

Star of the Week - 14.01.22



Shanaya is the Dosbarth Llangennith superstar this week! She always tries her best, but this week Shanaya has stood out with her effort in literacy and maths. In literacy, she focussed well to include similes and metaphors in her sentences and has enjoyed learning about co-ordinates in maths. Da-iawn Shanaya, you deserve it!

Star of the Week - 10.12.21



This week's superstar is Andrew! He always works to the best of his ability and is an absolute pleasure to have in class. This week, Andrew has worked exceptionally hard to finish his explanation text on Volcanoes, offering lots of facts and information to help the reader understand how a volcano erupts. Well done, Andrew, keep up the hard work!

Star of the Week - 03.12.21



The Dosbarth Llangennith superstar this week is Riley! I have been very impressed with the progress Riley has made so far as a Year 5 pupil. He is focussing well in lessons and trying his best every day. This week, he enjoyed making his own bottle volcano and offered to help others in class with their own creations. Well done, Riley, keep it up!

Star of the Week - 26.11.21



This week's superstar is Bonnie! She was chosen for the award this week for her excellent effort in maths, where she has been learning how to subtract numbers using the column method. Bonnie showed superb understanding and enjoyed the extra challenge of column subtraction using exchanging. Fantastic effort Bonnie, da iawn!

Star of the Week - 12.11.21



Isaac is the Dosbarth Llangennith superstar this week! Isaac has worked extremely hard all week and has done well completing tasks independently. Isaac enjoyed being a tree detective this week, exploring the school's outdoor areas to discover which trees and other important plant life exist on the school grounds. Well done Isaac, keep up the hard work! 

Star of the Week - 05.11.21



Alfie is this week's class superstar! He has returned to school after half term with a determined attitude and has focussed well on all his tasks. This week the class has started to learn about Volcanoes ready for our new text type topic. Alfie enjoyed looking at various examples of explanation texts to help with his understanding. Well done, Alfie! 

Star of the Week - 15.10.21



Summer is the class superstar this week! She has been a wonderful help in class this week and has been a role model to the younger children in class. This week, Summer enjoyed taking part in an interview with The Wave as one of our Year 6 Rights and Respecting ambassadors where she discussed the school's exciting news about planting a tree to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee. Great job Summer, well done!

Star of the Week - 08.10.21



Leevi is the Dosbarth Llangennith superstar this week! He has really impressed me with his positive attitude to learning this week and has worked independently in all lessons. He particularly worked hard researching edible plants and is enjoying our 'Im a Survivor' topic this term. Da iawn, Leevi!

Star of the Week - 01.10.21



This week's superstar is Rosie! She has worked incredibly hard all week to get her tasks done and is a joy to have in class with her polite and sensible attitude. Well done Rosie, keep up the hard work!

Star of the Week - 24.09.21



Marley is the class superstar this week! He has settled well into Year 6 so far and shown a great focus and determination in his work this week. Marley is enjoying learning about place value in maths, and did well with his understanding of rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 this week. Great job, Marley!

Star of the Week - 17.09.21



This week's superstar is Austeia! She has worked her socks off and enjoyed learning about survival in our survival day experience this week, where she worked well in a team with her friends to build a den and look for food and water supplies on the school ground. Da iawn, Austeia!

Star of the Week - 10.09.21



The first star of the week this year is Kian! He has settled into life in Year 6 really well and tried his best this week. He has enjoyed participating in lessons by offering his thoughts and opinions and has focussed on all his tasks. Well done, Kian!