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Seren Yr Wythnos

Friday 9th June 2023



Friday 26th June 2023



Friday 12th May 2023





Friday 5th May 2023


Mr Thomas chose Charlie as our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being ambitious and capable and impressing Sir with his Math work. 

Friday 28th April 2023


Holly was our Seren Yr Wythnos for being an ambitious and capable learner. She is ready to learn and is independently using skills she has learnt in focus tasks on her independent Missions. She is trying hard with her reading and has moved onto a new level. Always willing to accept a new challenge. Keep it up Hollie yes



Friday 21st April 2023


Morgan is our Seren Yr Wythnos for being a fantastic learner in class and leading by example. He is always ready to learn, completes his own Rhodri Missions and is ready to help others in their Missions. He has such a lovely manner, always polite and friendly. Keep up the hard Morgan smiley

Friday 31st March 2023


Mr Thomas chose Lacey as our Seren Yr Wythnos for 

Friday 24th March 2023



Friday 17th March 2023


Leon was our Seren Yr Wythnos for being ambitious and capable in all his tasks. He enjoys his missions and independently completes the tasks in class. He has really impressed us this week with his sentences and retelling of the Pie Corbett Report on Hamsters. 

Friday 10th March 2023


Mylie was our class Seren Yr Wythnos this week for having a positive attitude, being an ambitious and capable member of the class. She is willing to attempt all tasks and give her full potential to her missions. She has been concentrating on how to work independently and using skills learnt. Well done Mylie. I am proud of this change in attitude. 

Friday 3rd March 2023


Millie has been awarded Seren Y Wythnos for her over all attitude in and outside of the classroom. She has taken herself away from any disagreements on the yard and shown a positive attitude to being a good friend and respecting everyone. She has also been a superstar when learning our welsh song for our Eisteddfod. Keep it up Millie. 


Friday 17th February 2023


What a way to end our term... awarding Azariah with or class Seren Yr Wythnos. Every day Azariah puts a smile on our faces. He is always enthusiastic, ready to learn and tries hard to complete his tasks. He is doing well with his reading and has gone onto a new stage. Azariah, keep up the hard work. 



Friday 10th February 2023


This week our Seren Yr Wythnos was awarded to Camiera. After being off school she came back with a positive attitude and put a hundred and ten percent into her work. She has remembered so many facts from her research and could support her group when telling the class what they found out. Keep up the hard work Camiera

Friday 3rd February 2023


Lacey was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for adapting to change and finding a strategy to deal with changes. Lacey has also been trying hard in class in her focus groups and attempting to complete her missions independently. 

Friday 27th January 2023


Millie was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being a respectful member of our class. She has shown kindness and willingness to support her friends in independent missions. I am proud of her for this. Keep being kind Millie. 


Friday 20th January 2023


Phoebe was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being in school for a full week, she has been in on time and her attempted all tasks with a positive attitude. She has completed Missions independently and given them a go without giving up. Well done Phoebe, keep up the hard work. yes

Friday 6th January 2023


Carwyn was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for working really hard in his maths. He has come back and has shown a positive attitude towards his learning. Miss Stones and myself are really impressive his attitude to his learning. Well done Carwyn, Keep up the hard work

Friday 23rd December 2022


I am super proud of all the children this week for their efforts in class and the concert. This week our Seren Y Wythnos has been awarded to Hollie for the most improved attendee this term. Well done Hollie. 

Friday 9th December 2022


Lacey was our Seren Y Wythnos this week for being an ambitious and taking on new challenges with her learning. She has attempted and complete missions independently over the past few weeks. I am proud of Lacey. Well done!

Friday 2nd December 2022



Ava was our class Seren Yr Wythnos this week for trying really hard with her reading. Mrs ML and Miss Stones have both seen a difference in Ava's attitude to reading. She is also using her independent skills to complete Missions in class. Keep up the hard work Ava. 



Friday 25th November 2022


Freddie-J was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being an ambitious learning and trying his best in all he does. He is attempting to independently complete all Missions in class but also supporting his friend to complete some of the harder missions. 

Freddie's attitude towards his learning in maths is spectacular and I hope his interest in this subject continues as he is making me proud of his learning. Keep it up Freddie


Friday 18th November 2022


Maddie was our Seren Yr Wythnos this for impressing Mrs M and Miss Stones with her reading and phonics this week. Her confidence has grown and now she is using her knowledge of her sounds to read words. Keep up the hard work Maddie, we are super proud of you! yes

Friday 11th November 2022

Camiera was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for coming back to school and trying her best. Her attitude to reading and her phonics this week have been impressive and she has been applying herself to the task given to her. Keep up the hard work Camiera 👍🏼

Friday 28th October 2022



Millie is our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being an healthy and confident learner and trying new strategies to perform Missions independently but also supporting others in their Missions. This week she helped another child log onto Seesaw and explained the Mission to them. Da lawn Millie keep it up. 

Friday 21st October 2022



Shanyaigh is our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for having a positive attitude in class. She is a healthy and confident learner, always trying her best, knowing when to ask for help and never giving up. She has moved a group in Maths and her enthusiasm for completing Missions is out of this world. This week she challenged herself after completing one challenge to try the harder mission .... and she did it!! I am super proud you Shanyaigh!​​​​​​​

Friday 14th October 2022



Hollie was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for showing that she is a healthy and confident learning by always trying her best and not giving up, Also, she is a friendly member of our class who is always showing respect for others. This has been a big push in our class this week.  She is such a lovely little girl and a pleasure to have in class.

Well done Hollie smiley

Friday 7th October 2022


Azariah was our class Seren Yr Wythnos this week, for taking on his role of Helpwr Y Dydd seriously and speaking lots of Welsh. He become confident and even made sure that others were doing their Missions within class. He was an ambitious and capable learner when he strived to achieve the challenge in his own missions! Well done Azariah, it was lovely to watch you  this week in class! Mrs ML

Friday 30th September 2022




Mylie was our class 'Seren Yr Wythnos' this week for setting herself high standards and enjoying the challenge, especially in mathematics, especially in reasoning activities and explaining her reasons. She also tries her best in everything, accepting and completing the missions and being ready to learn. 



Friday 23rd September 2022


Leon was our Seren Yr Wyhnos this week for trying his best in every aspect of our day. He listens,
contributes and puts all his effort into his work.

I am so proud of how Leon is doing in class. keep up the hard work Leon. 

Friday 16th September 2022


Qushan is our "Seren Yr Wytnos" this week for trying hard in all his focus tasks. He wrote beautiful sentences in literacy this week and his presentation and handwriting is superb! I am super proud of your work Qushan. I am sure Mrs Lecrass would be too. smiley

Friday 9th September 2022



Morgan is our first "Seren Yr Wythnos" this week for blowing me away with his positive attitude to learning, trying hard in maths and attempting to writing in sentences independently. What a start to the school year Morgan! I am super proud. Keep up the hard work. I'm sure you could be my Superstar every week. smiley