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Spring term - Castles, Knights and Dragons


We are starting the 2023 with a brand new topic 'Castles, Knights and Dragons'. In class we have brainstormed all the types of things we want to learn about. 


 If you have any ideas to contribute please let us know through Class dojo. 











We worked together to create a story map, using mini whiteboard to help contribute our ideas.



For our brand new text type - Report, we began with playing around with articles, we looked at the key features we would need to make our own reports. 

Narrative Writing

To begin our narrative writing we learnt the story of Gelert. A proud princes dog, who lived in a beautiful castle. We drew a story map and began to learn the story using our own actions. We tweeted Pie and he wrote back to us! We were very excited.



After we knew the story well, we did a shared write as a class. 

We designed, created and built our own castles in groups. We presented to the class all the different features of our castles. 


We enjoyed a very cold day out at Pembroke Castle. We were greeted by Howard our tour guide who took us around the castle and taught us about Henry vii and his family. Henry VII was born in Pembroke Castle and how he was founder of the Tudor Dynasty.