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Seren Yr Wythnos

Friday 1st July 2022


We have all been working really hard this week and I am so proud of how all the children. We have been looking at writing this week in preparation for Year 1 and Mrs ML have been challenging us. 
Ruby was our Seren Y Wythnos for writing sentences and remembering what we needed to  make a sentence. She also could read her work back 😊 

Logan has been working really hard and this week we have been looking at our own work and talking about our work πŸ˜Š 

Friday 24th June 2022


Isaac and Reuben were my superstars this week. Isaac was chosen by Miss Bacon for being helpful in class and trying really hard. 
Reuben was chosen by Mrs ML for his reading this week. I am so impressed with his blending and using expression when reading. 

Keep up the good work boys! 

Friday 17th June 2022


Holly was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for being a kind and caring little girl in class. She has been waiting for this award for weeks and today she eventually received Superstar. She has been working hard in class but also when playing she is helpful and considerate to her friends. yes

Friday 10th June 2022


Lottie was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week and chosen by Miss Bacon for being fantastic in class when she covered our class this week. Lottie was polite and helped Miss Bacon with tidying up in the class. She was enthusiastic and tried really hard with tasks. Keep it up Lottie smiley

Friday 20th May 2022


Laura was our Seren Yr Wythnos for trying really hard in class. She has been playing with more children in class and becoming a good friend. Keep up the hard work Laura yes

Friday 13th May 2022

George was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for using lots of Welsh in class. He remembered welsh words for some of the food during an activity, he always joins in during 'Amser Cymraeg' and answers the register in welsh. 

Da iawn George smiley

Friday 6th May 2022

Cleo is our Seren Yr Wytnos this week for being a caring little girl. During our school trip to the Wetlands, Cleo was so enthusiastic about helping Ava and getting her back to her family. Cleo remembered so many facts from the leaders who helped us around the Wetlands. Keep it up Cleosmiley

Friday 1st April 2022


Alfie is our Seren Yr Wythnos, he has settled into our class extremely well and have made friends straight away. He is willing to come to focus task and is trying really hard. 

Friday 25th March 2022


Logan was my Superstar this week for trying really hard when he is in class. He is talking more during focus tasks and willing to offer ideas. Keep up the hard work Logan. smiley

Friday 18th March 2022


Lottie was our Seren Yr Wytnos this for being such a sweet member of class. She could be superstar every week. She is always willing to help others and always trying her best. We are proud of you Lottie smiley

Friday 11th March 2022


Nadia was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week, for trying really hard in class, not only in her work but trying really hard to be a good friend. I am proud of you Nadia

Friday 4th March 2022


George was our Class Seren Y Wythnos this week. George has been working hard in his focus tasks and even contributing to our class discussions. He talking more within the class and to his friends. Keep it up George! smiley

Friday 11th February 2022


Skyla was our Seren Yr Wythnos this week for having such a good week. She has been listening and settling well in class. She has come to focus tasks when asked and tried her best. She has tried to sit and eat her food at dinner time... Well Done Skyla smiley

Friday 4th February 2022


This week Mrs Lecrass awarded one of our children with the BOSCAR - and it was well deserved! 

Nyla received the BOSCAR, for recording a super story using "My Story" on the iPad. We have been reading a story called "How to catch a star" the children were asked to order the pictures from the story and record the story using pictures. Nyla remembered lots of the story I had read and retold the story using expression and lots of lovely vocabulary we learnt.

Mrs ML is super proud!  

Friday 4th February 2022

Our class Seren Yr Wytnos this week went to Harman. He always has a positive attitude and willing to attempt any task given to him. He always makes me smile when we have a chat! His number work is amazing and quick to solve mentally. Keep up the hard work Harman. I am super proud yes​​​​​​​

Friday 28th January 2022


Phoebe was our Seren Yr Wytnos this week for having a positive attitude. She will also try her best at all activities even if she does found it tricky. This week she has been so enthusiastic, providing her group with lots of ideas on how to measure our play dough snakes. She demonstrated how she would measure the snakes before allowing the group to try. Keep up the good work Phoebe, I was super proud. smiley

Friday 21st January 2022

Nyla was our Seren Yr Wythnos for trying so hard with her work. This week she has tried really hard in maths and used lots of lovely words to describe weight. She could describe what happened with the balance scales and could identify heavier than/ lighter than and balanced (the same). Keep up the hard work Nyla smiley

Friday 14th January 2022


Livie was our class Seren Yr Wythnos this week for trying really hard to remember her sounds, using her actions and trying to write them when she is in the areas. She also asked her mummy to send me a video of her practising her sounds at home. Well done Liv smiley



Friday 3rd December 2021


Isaac was my Seren Yr Wythnos today for impressing me with his maths this week. He is counting to counting and recognising his numbers to 20. He tried really hard to remember how to write his teen himself, I am super proud of you Isaac!yes 

Friday 26th November 2021


Kyser was my Seren Yr Wythnos this week for trying so hard in class. He is now coming to focus tasks when called, playing with boys and girls in the class and sitting lovely on the carpet. Well done Kyser, keep up the good behaviour. 

Friday 19th  November 2021


Lucas was my Seren Yr Wythnos for working so hard with his numbers. He is becoming confident with his numbers to 10 and can quickly solve one more and one less mentally. He has even been playing with the Numicon in his challenge time and wanted to learn more and asked how to make bigger numbers. Da iawn Lucas

Friday 12th November 2021


Rose is our Superstar this week for trying so hard to remember staff and children's names. She is beginning to listen more in class especially when on a focus task. Keep it up Rose yes

Friday 5th November 2021


Amelia is my Superstar this week for coming to school with no tears. She walks into class with a big smile on her face and is now more settled in class. She will ask from time to time about the  day routine but she is coping well. It is lovely to see this. I am proud of you Amelia smiley

Friday 15th October 2021


Reuben is my Seren Yr Wythnos this week, for trying so hard with his work but also behaviour. His attitude to learning has changed and he is a pleasure to have in class. Keep up the hard work Reuben yes

Friday 8th October 2021

Cleo was my Seren Yr Wythnos this week for becoming a mature member of our class. She has shown all staff that she is caring and a friend to others, she has settled well and showed us that she can listen and try her hardest in class. I am so proud of her. Keep the hard work up Cleo ☺️ Not only was she our superstar, she celebrated being a big girl of 5 years old today! 

Friday 1st October 2021


Oscar is my Seren Yr Wytnos this week for trying really hard to tell me what he wants for his dinner. He has responded to my question every day and I am so proud of him for this. Keep it up Oscar smiley 

Friday 24th September 2021


Annabella is my Seren Yr Wythnos this week so settling into Reception. At first she was a little upset about leaving Daddy, but now she comes every morning with a smile on her face and enjoys the learning in class. 

Friday 17th September 2021


Ruby was my Seren Yr Wythnos this week for settling into Reception like a big girl. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and is happy to explore the environment. Well done Ruby keep it up yes

Friday 10th September 2021


Jaxson was our class superstar this week for being so brave when he fell over this week. He has settled well into Reception and our routines. He is beginning to show care towards our class pet, Marshmallow the hamster. He is trying really hard. Mrs ML is super proud of you! smiley