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V.I.P Club



We have been busy making graphs to go with our wastage of straws over the days, weeks and year ready to inform the foundation phase teachers and children. 



As we are still waiting for the City and County of Swansea to get back to us with reducing our amount of plastic bottles we use for milk in Foundation Phase, our VIP's decided we could illuminate the amount of straws used. We tallied that: 


153 children drink milk everyday in Blaenymaes Primary


765 each week


30,600 each year. 



Our VIP's have been busy creating our litter posters and collecting litter from all the classrooms and our surrounding areas.




Today we have been making bird feeders to place around the school. 


Our VIP club have been tackiling one of our school targets and sorting all of the teachers replying this afternoon. 


We have been busy in VIP club discussing our Action plan targets. Then we started immediately on target one; Improving litter around the school grounds. We had 2 big bags full in under 20 minutes. We then planted some seed and began to make our bug hotel.

VIP Club


VIP stands for Value, Identity and Purpose.


During our club we value each and every person who attends. Every meeting has a purpose and anyone is welcome. 


We discuss lots of ways on how we can better ourselves and the school.