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Learning Journey

Copper Jack

On Tuesday 7th May, Reception experienced what is was like to travel on a boat. We went on the Copper Jack, a boat which took us up the River Tawe. We saw how the boat left the marina and went through the gates and onto the river. We saw lots of different boats. 

After our trip on the boat, we went to the Museum where we saw a pirate.....his name was Black Bart. He talked to us about his life and what he used to do...steal other boats. He also showed us what he ate... sea biscuits which sometimes had maggots in....yuk! 

We really enjoyed the trip, especially meeting the pirate and going on a boat!

Land Ahoy!

Our Trip to the Wetlands Centre


On Monday 1st April, Reception and Reception/Year1 went to the Wetlands Centre in Llanelli. When we arrived we met Tara, who helped us throughout the morning. We wanted to know what kind of animals lived at the Wetlands.

First we explored the Wetlands looking for animals that lived on the water, we found lots of different ducks. We even got to feed the ducks. Then we went to find animals that lived under logs at the Wetlands. We picked up logs and collected different creature in containers. We then sorted them by animals with legs and animals without legs. 

After that we went pond dipping, looking for animals that lived in the water. We found lots of new creatures we haven't seen before. 

We had a very busy morning at the Wetlands. 

We went outside to listen to our new story book... it was called "The Gruffalo." We went to look for creatures that were found in our school grounds.  The animals we found were different from the story book. 

The Gruffalo

Using natural resources to make the Gruffalo

Animals Encounters

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

Santes Dwynwen

Superheroes came to out party. We had lots of fun dancing and meeting them. 

Shwmae Day

People who help us


We read the story called "Superworm". We decided to go into the garden and find where the worms live. We tried find Superworm! We had lots of fun looking in the mud with our friends. We even brought some worms back into class to keep in our wormery. 

Evil Pea Green Jelly

We made Evil Pea green jelly in class. We investigated what happened to the jelly cubes when hot water was added. We then put the jelly in the fridge. On Friday we found what happened to the runny green jelly. We all enjoyed eating the jelly.