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Time Machine

We started our topic this term with a curiosity box. In the box were lots of items and clues to what our topic could be called/ about. There were old pictures of the local area, a model tardis to represent a time travel machine and a clock. Year 1 and 2 met together and came up with lots if ideas and topics they want to explore over the term to do with 'Time machine'.


We went on a trip to Swansea Museum to meet Mrs Mahoney. Mrs Mahoney lived in the museum in the Victorian times along with her husband, who was the museum care taker and their family. Mrs Mahoney showed us lots of different items and belongings she used and we discussed the types of things that we use now. She showed us a rush light holder, a dolly tub, wash board, an iron bath tub and lots more. We also had time to look around the museum and see all the other amazing things that are there. A big favourite was the mummy exhibition where a real mummy lays. The mummy was gifted to Swansea Museum in 1888 and remains there now.


We celebrated Shwmae Day's 10th birthday in school this week. Children wore Welsh colours/ clothes to school and took part in activities throughout the day. We all had a photo with our Shwmae photo frame and learnt a Shwmae song. In the afternoon we avoided the rain and went outside on a nature hunt to find things outside that we could use for our nature collage. 




We had a great day at St Fagan's this week. We visited a school from the Victorian times and learnt all about school life back then. They definitely had it tough, the children all agreed we prefer our school to Ysgol Meastir. We then had a look around the rest of St Fagan's and saw the types of shops they had and also looked at different homes over the years and how they've changed. We learnt lots of interesting things.




Dosbarth Port Eynon went back in time today and our classroom was transformed into a Victorian classroom. Our tables were all in rows and we had to use chalk boards & chalk to do our work. The teacher was very strict and even had a cane with her, luckily she only used it to tap the tables of the children who were talking when they shouldn't. The boys & girls said they didn't enjoy the lesson and were glad when I came back to school.