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Land Ahoy!


Today we received a box, a message in a bottle and a video... from Barti Ddu. 

Who was this man? What did he want? What did he look like?


We made Wanted posters to help capture him!  

Treasure Hunt


In our groups, we went on a treasure hunt around the school. Miss Stones read a clue to us and we had to guess what we were looking for! We were then give a location clue... We had lots of fun doing this. Some of us tried to read the clues ourselves. 

Swansea Beaches


In groups, we looked at a map that looked at beaches in Swansea. We had to look at a map and identify beaches. 

This week we started Kerbcraft with Claire. We learnt how to cross the zebra crossing and how to cross the road between two parked cars safely.