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We started our topic by reading some outdoor poems by Shirley Hughes.

We then used our senses to explore our school grounds. We saw different coloured flowers, we listened to dry leaves crunching under our feet, we heard the wind and children playing, we watched our shadows,we saw birds flying in the sky and we felt the grass as we rolled down the bank.

Our school exploration gave us some ideas of what we want to explore outside our door!

We started learning about plants and growing by working our plot in the school garden. Miss Ewa helped us to get rid of weeds and put more soil in the box ready to plants some seeds.

We had the chance to explore a hail shower under our outdoor shelter. It was exciting to hear the noise and see the icy raindrops fall. We used the plastic guttering to help the hail fall into our tuff tray.


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We practiced our counting and matching skills by planting the Numicon flower into the correct plant pot.

We read Jasper's Beanstalk which helped us understand what plants need to grow

We explored different kinds of beans and opened then up to count how many beans we could collect.

We used cups and tissue paper to watch a bean grow. We are keeping a diary to record how the bean changes each week.

Our beans have made amazing progress!! We can't believe how quickly they have grown. Observing our bean plants has helped us learn the names of different parts of the plant.

We planted some of our beans in our school garden along with some beetroot, onion and carrot seeds.

We wanted to learn about flowers so we have had a closer look at them in our creative area.

Look at the fantastic paintings inspired by the flower observations.

We read Rosie's Walk and then made 3d maps of her journey.

We went on a community walk and spotted things on our checklist.

We made a pictogram of how many things we spotted and counted them in Welsh.

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We looked at old photos of Blaenymaes and compared them to now. We talked about what had changed and why it might have changed.

We watched some tourism videos about visiting Wales and Swansea. We then made our own video to tell people why they should visit Blaenymaes.

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We planned an outdoor camping and picnic afternoon. We designed and made a healthy sandwich for our picnic.

Our sandwiches were yummy!