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Food Glorious Food

Our first Spring topic will be Food Glorious Food. The pupils' helped us plan and their ideas are in blue.

Our first focus story was "Which Food will you Choose?" which looked at how we can be adventurous and eat new foods.

We looked at different fruits and vegetables and sorted them in different ways. We learned the names of the fruit or vegetable that we didn't know.

We then used some of the fruits and vegetables to explore printing

We had a wonderful trip to Ask Italian restaurant to learn about pizza making and what it's like to dine in a restaurant.

We chose our own toppings and discovered how our pizzas changed after going in the oven - the dough got harder but the cheese got softer and gooey!

We had a walk to Swansea Market to explore what different food we could spot.

We finished our day eating a yummy Welshcake in the sunshine outside St.Mary's Church

Following our visit to Ask Italian, we looked at adverts for the restaurant and decided to make our own. We planned what we wanted to say and how we wanted to make it. We did this one using role play in our class restaurant.

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We made this advert using Puppet Pals.

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We used drawings to create this advert.

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We used a mixture of video and drawing for this advert.

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We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We then made a very special snack using carrot and cucumber to make a pattern for the caterpillar's body. Some of us were proud that we tried carrot or cucumber for the very first time!

We explored sounds using kitchen equipment. We talked about whether the sound was loud or quiet. We then played a guessing game where we listened to a sound and guessed which equipment was being used.

We looked at still life art using food from Swansea born artist Vivienne Williams. We each chose what we wanted in our composition from a range of fruit and kitchen equipment. We then used pastels to create our fabulous art work.

We read Picnic Tedi Twt and chose what we wanted in our picnic baskets. We learnt how to say "Dwin hoffi"

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