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Star of the Week - 15th March 2024

Our superstar this week is Alan! He has worked patiently when building his Anderson shelter this week in DT and has shown fantastic skills when measuring and cutting the resources needed using various tools. Well done, Alan!






Star of the Week - 8th March 2024

Elif is the class superstar this week! She impressed with her understanding of short division this week and even attempted problems that included remainders! Well done Elif, you really are a mathematician!






Star of the Week - 23rd February 2024

Well done to Ayse for being our superstar this week! She has returned from the half term holiday with a determined attitude and has worked extremely hard to complete her WW2 evacuee recount letter and start her Eisteddfod narrative. What a busy week you've had Ayse! 






Star of the Week - 9th February 2024

Ebonie is the class superstar this week! I have been impressed with her determined attitude in her writing this week as she worked hard to complete her first draft of her diary entry recount. Superb work Ebonie, I can't wait to read your finished piece of writing!






Star of the Week - 2nd February 2024

Our superstar this week is Kelsey! I am so proud of her effort this week and it has been lovely to see her try her hardest in maths. She worked her socks off on her multiplication tasks! Da iawn, Kelsey!






Star of the Week - 26th January 2024

Braydon is the superstar this week! Despite having a fractured wrist, Braydon hasn't let this hold him back as he has shown fantastic initiative to complete his tasks! I was particularly impressed with his tech skills which he used to complete a number of maths and literacy tasks this week. Well done, Braydon!






Star of the Week - 19th January 2024

Our superstar this week is once again Isla! We are currently learning about multiplication and division in maths and she has showed fantastic understanding when multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100. Da iawn, Isla - Keep up the hard work!






Star of the Week - 12th January 2024

Our first superstar of 2024 is Julia! She has returned to school after the Christmas holidays with a determined attitude and has worked hard to complete all her tasks. I'm very impressed Julia - Well done!






Star of the Week - 1st December 2023

Our superstar this week is Summer! She has been working extremely hard on her animal research for our non-chronological report writing. She was able to independently research facts about her chosen animal ready to create her documentary next week. Da iawn, Summer!






Star of the Week - 24th November 2023

Caleb is our superstar this week! He demonstrated a talent for DCF this week when he was able to use the app 'ketnote' to create, label and animate a volcanic eruption. Great work, Caleb!






Star of the Week - 17th November 2023

Our superstar this week is Isla! She really impressed me with her ambitious attitude to her maths this week as she was able to attempt subtraction problems using the column method. Da iawn Isla, keep up the hard work!






Star of the Week - 10th November 2023

Archie is the Dosbarth Llangennith superstar this week! I have been extremely impressed with his attitude to learning recently as he has been able to complete all his tasks on time, even with his sessions spent in the Rainbow room. Well done Archie, I am proud of you!






Boscar Winner!!! - Ayse

Ayse was chosen to be the school's Boscar winner this week. She has excelled in her role as a Rhodri's Ranger, always doing her job properly and sensibly and has enjoyed working with the younger year 5's who have just started in the role. Well done Ayse, you are a role model for all!






Star of the Week - 27th October 2023

Our superstar this week is Braydon, and what a star he is! Braydon always tries his best in class and is a polite and respectful young man. He always arrives in school with a smile on his face and is a joy to teach. Well done Braydon, keep up the hard work!






Star of the Week - 20th October 2023

Our superstar this week is Emeilia! She has produced a wonderful final draft of a persuasive writing leaflet encouraging people to watch Theatr Na Nog's Butterfly Hunter, linked to our current topic 'I'm a Survivor'. Well done Emeilia, I loved reading it!






Star of the Week - 13th October 2023

Emma is our superstar this week! I was so impressed with her knowledge and understanding during our visit to the Technocamps workshop in Swansea University on Monday. She was keen to learn about coding and was answering questions throughout the day. Well done, Emma!






Star of the Week - 29th September 2023

Elif is the class superstar this week! She has demonstrated an ambitious and capable attitude to every task so far this year and is a role model for the other children in class. Da iawn, Elif!






Star of the Week - 22nd September 2023

Kian is our superstar this week. He has been incredibly ambitious with his maths this week and has demonstrated fantastic understanding with his rounding skills. Well done, Kian! I am very impressed!






Star of the Week - 15th September 2023

This week our superstar is Ayse! I have been so impressed with her attitude to learning so far this year as she gives 100% with every task. I have been particularly impressed with her writing as she worked brilliantly on a Haiku poem all about herself. Well done Ayse, keep up the hard work!






Star of the Week - 8th September 2023

Our first superstar this year is Shay! He has really impressed with his hard work and determined attitude since returning from the summer holidays which has been great to see. Da iawn Shay, keep up the hard work!