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Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors 2019-2020 





Year 6 

Rights Respecting Ambassadors


We are pleased to introduce the Rights Respecting Ambassadors for 2018-19

You will be receiving letters about school events from the girls this year and make sure to check this page for updates on events in school.





                                         Ella                           Liberty




Universal Children's Day


We collaborated with these schools for Universal Children’s Day and enjoyed many workshops based on the rights of the child. We had lots of fun and can't wait to organise our next event.





We have some very exciting news, Rhodri is going to Africa. A few weeks ago, we spoke in assembly about a special charity ' Mellon Educate' who are based in Africa and build schools in Africa. Sarah Hooke, Unicef Ambassador, asked us if Rhodri would like to join her and climb Table Mountain in Cape Town to raise money for Mellon Educate. We spoke to Rhodri and he can't wait!!! 


On Friday 25th October, we will be fundraising to send Rhodri on his adventure by taking part in a sponsored bounce. Pupils will need to donate £1 to have a turn on the bouncy castle.  





Next week, we will be taking Rhodri to Hafod Primary to send him on his travels.


Thank you for helping us support this important charity!


Article 28 - All children have a right to a good quality education.


Ella and Liberty

Y6 Rights Respecting Ambassadors




Super Ambassador Event

Tuesday 9th October 2018


On Tuesday the 9th October we went to Cardiff with Mrs Smith and Miss Bacon for a Super Ambassador event. We met Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner of Wales, her job is to make sure that every child in Wales has there rights.


The day started by the children and teachers being separated.  They had organised a teacher workshop and a children's workshop. The teachers did a drama and acting workshop, Mrs Smith and Mrs Bacon were very competitive and got all the rights questions correct! The children did workshops about the rights of the child. The first workshop was about this terms special mission and we were writing on sticky notes to give some ideas. We will be announcing the special mission next week and will need your help! The second workshop was choosing your favourite article and colouring it in. We chose article 31, you have the right to rest and play. The third and final workshop was making a rap and a poem about rights with a professional rapper. We had lots of fun and can't wait to lead rights throughout the school. 


Liberty and Ella

Rights Respecting Ambassadors