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How many Colours in a Rainbow?

We used our Chatterbook to discuss our new weather and colour themed topic, "How Many Colours in a Rainbow?"

We read the story of "The Little Raindrop" to start our topic.

We drew the sequence of The Little Raindrop's  journey and we kept a daily weather record to see what the weather was like in Blaenymaes. 

We also began to make estimates guessing how many raindrops would fill different sized puddles. 

We explored how we could grow a rainbow...we soon discovered that dipping the coloured ends of our rainbow in water made the colours travel up the paper!

We listened to a rainstick. We talked about what the sound reminded us of and how it made is feel.

We made our own rainsticks. We chose what grains we put in and we decorated the outside using rollers to make a pattern.

Our next book was "Life is a Rainbow". We talked about our favourite colours and how they make us feel.

We used J2E to create a class graph of our favourite colour

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As part of our Think Equal project, we mapped our feelings on a mood meter.

We used our ideas about colours to make group colour poems. 








We read Elmer's Weather and Elmer sent us a challenge to find the best material to keep him dry from the rain.

We created designs for an umbrella and used waterproof paints to add our designs to class umbrellas. We are hoping for some rain to try them out.

The rain finally came and we could use own uniquely designed class umbrellas!

"Blow wind, blow!" We read Mrs. Mopples Washing Line. 


It made us laugh when the wind blew her washing onto the farm animals!

We explored how bubbles moved with the wind. We tried changing the direction of the bubbles by blowing them and waving our hands at them.

We had a paper farm animal race - we explored what made the animals move quicker, card, a fan or blowing through a straw. 

Animal race 1.mp4

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Animal race 2.mp4

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Animal race 3.mp4

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Animal race 4.mp4

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Animal race 5.mp4

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