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This fortnight is based on World Book Day and Justice week. We have completed Harry Potter maths problems, WBD addition code breakers and challenged ourselves with telling the time. We had lots of fun World Book Day activities, including word searches, scavenger hunts, superlatives treasure hunts plus work based around our chosen book 'Boogie Bear' by David Walliams. Dawn from Nature Days led an outdoor lesson called walking stories and we took part in a live WBD session dressed up with our teachers as well as class competitions. 




We wore our Eisteddfod clothes at home this year and joined in Eisteddfod competitions for a Virtual KS2 Eisteddfod! Da iawn Pawb!

KS2 Virtual Eisteddfod 1.3.21.mp4

Still image for this video


This week we are focusing on St David's day and taking part in competitions for our virtual Eisteddfod. Our activities included story writing with the title 'The day I met a dragon', handwriting, Welsh themed art, dress the leek challenge as our favourite celebrity and the Bardic poem. 


We also have some St David's day maths and reading comprehension and not forgetting some Welsh themed recipes to make with our family! 





This fortnight's pupil choice theme was books. Our activities this week were based on stories, we looked at David Walliams' story Tandy's Tantrums and created onomatopoeia and our own self portraits. We led our own learning by choosing an area to research and create an information page.  Our maths word problems were based on books, we played Primary Stars math and spelling games as well as reading our own books and writing reviews. For Science, we looked at the sweets in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, and experimented with reversible changes from solid chocolate to liquid form and back to solid by creating our own sweets, biscuits and chocolate covered fruit. Also we looked at the properties of the sweets in his factory and sorted using a venn diagram. 


This fortnight, is also Children's Mental heath week with the theme 'Express Yourself'. The junior teachers, created models of themselves to show what they love .... and the pupils guessed during our live check in. Pupils then created their own models to express themselves for the rest of the class to guess. 


We became teachers and corrected punctuation mistakes on Dan Anthony's biography and read short welsh passages using drawings to show what we understood. We also had a Welsh pancake activity from the Bore da magazine as a top up activity for week 2. 


Week 2 - 8.2.21 was internet safety week. We had a virtual assembly and took part in live lessons on the bcc website. We thought carefully about online reliability and fake news. 


Lots of fantastic work again! 

Click photos to enlarge. 




This week's pupil choice theme was sport. We have created work for the 'Show Racism The Red Card' campaign, including posters and poems which will be submitted to their national competition. We have researched a sport person (pupil's choice) and created fact files, solved sports themed maths problems and written book reviews which had a sports theme. Mrs Lecrass read a story linked to Holocaust memorial day, and we celebrated Dydd Santes Dwynen but reading the story, creating our own story maps, designing love spoons and making cards for our loved ones. Finally, not forgetting our great online live check in session where we shared the fun we had in the snow!!

Click photos to enlarge. 


Another very busy week! Well done Y5/6 you are working incredibly hard and a well done to the adults at home supporting you with your learning. 


I can't wait to see your work next week!! 









This week's pupil choice theme was light. We researched Thomas Edison, celebrated World religion day by choosing a religion to research, completed subtraction problems, learnt about homophones, drew our representations of Holocaust Memorial Day's theme 'Be the light in the darkness' and listened to Mrs Lecrass share the story 'Star of fear, Star of Hope'. Click photos to enlarge.


A very busy week, lots of wonderful work handed in... here are some examples! 

Keep up the good work Y5/6!




We reflected on last year, researched dinosaurs (pupil choice topic), completed tricky addition, learnt about Hen Galan and followed instructions to make an origami Mari Lwyd, practised our spelling and times tables on j2blast, created outdoor art and finished our topic on tornadoes. Click photos to enlarge.


Super work Y5/6!!