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Castles and Dragons


We started our topic with a very special visit from Queen Gwen. She arrived in our class very upset because she had lost her daughter, Princess Beatrice. We asked her lots of questions and she asked us to help her find Princess Beatrice. 

We went on a Princess Hunt, looking in and around our school...but we couldn't find her!


We decided that she make have been taken from the castle so we thought really hard of who would have wanted to do that... here are some of our ideas



The Princess and the Wizard written by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, The Princess and the Wizard, kids book. Julia Donaldson's The Princess and the Wizard narrated by myself with the characters read by my kids.

We read the story of the Wizard and the Princess and this made us think that maybe the Wizard may have taken the princess and turned her into stone just as he did in the story. 

We made stone statues

We made flower crowns and wands in forest school, just like a wizard

We made some bubbling potions...

Princess Beatrice came to school. She wasn't lost at all!

She left the castle to explore. She wanted just to be like her brothers and fight the dragons! 

Then the chicks arrived...

Then we had this message from Mr Dennis... What did he find on the cameras?

Still image for this video

We followed some clues that we saw outside until we found a dragon's nest with eggs.

We collected dragons on our dragon hunt and then measured them smallest to largest. We used blocks to see how big they were. 

We have looked at how a castle looks using the virtual tour online of Castle Cadw.

We learnt parts of the castle

Making traps to capture a dragon.

Princess Beatrice sent us a note, explaining that she has gone on a quest with Mammy Dragon and she needed us to take care of the baby dragons. We have been really busy looking after them. 

We have to play with them, wash them, feed them 5 dragon beans, teach them how to do special tricks and when they get tired put them to sleep in the dragon hotel.