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Phoebe won this weeks awards for fantastic attendance and attitude towards learning. Da iawn ti Phoebe!




Vanessa wins this weeks award for her hard work in the challenge areas. Vanessa used an ipad to record herself reading a book to her partner in the reading corner! Very impressive! Da Iawn ti!




Maddison takes home the superstar this week for being a very kind friend and for her enthusiasm in her role of 'Helpwr y Dydd'. Well Done Maddie!





Da iawn to Sonny for winning this weeks Superstar award! He has worked hard this week on his Easter News recount. He is developing his independence and presentation when writing on a weekly basis! Gwaith Da!




Simona is new to our class and has settled in very well! Its been a please to have her and has been a delight to see her make so many new friends in a short period of time!




Lacey's really taken on board our message of the week. Your brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. Using this, she has worked very hard in the challenge areas to develop her skills!  




Leon wins this weeks superstar award for his excellent problem solving skills! Well done Leon!




David secures this weeks superstar award for being a brillaint role model to the rest of the class. David has been very kind on the yard and helped lots of children in his group in the challenge areas. Da Iawn!





Charlie won this weeks award for his brilliant reading skills! Well done Charlie! You've worked very hard as always!




Mahmut won this weeks Superstar award for being very helpful in class, in his role of Helpwr y Dydd, Gwaith Da Mahmut!





Da iawn Vanessa! What a fantastic week! Vanessa has worked hard on her reading skills and read a story to the class reading robot!




Lucious won this weeks superstar for his brilliant mathematical skills! Da Iawn Lucious!




Some fantastic work this week saw Mahmut win the Superstar award! He wrote a brilliant story ending that fitted into our theme - Alfie's Star!




Morgan won superstar this week for his fantastic phonics work! Da iawn ti!





Cerys is our Superstar this week for being a kind friend and showing confidence in her role as Helpwr y Dydd! Well done Cerys!





David won this weeks superstar award for fantastic work with his reading. David's clearly been practicing over the Christmas break as he blew us away with his confidence! Da iawn David!




Lucious won our class Superstar award this week for using Welsh throughout the day! Da iawn ti Lucious!  




Caelyn won this weeks Superstar award this week due to her fantastic behaviour and hard work in Welsh. She wrote a letter to Santa and has impressed with her incidental Welsh around the classroom. Gwaith da Caelyn!





Millie takes home the Superstar award for her fantastic attitude and effort in our P.E session this week! She showed a keen enthusiasm and asked lots of interesting questions about exercise! Gwaith Da Millie!




Vanessa won this weeks superstar award for great work when making a witches potion! She was ale to measure the liquids and mix them using the right amount on her own! Da iawn!





Mason won this weeks award for being a kind friend in class and on the yard! Gwaith Da Mason!





Kayla won this weeks superstar award for her fantastic attitude towards reading! She chose to read independently during our class reading time and could retell the story to her friends! Da iawn ti!




David's fantastic art work saw him win this weeks superstar award! David has loved our theme 'Time Machine' so far and has a keen interest in learning more about dinosaurs!





Darcie thrilled us all this week when she was able to read and write her numbers to 100! Da iawn ti Darcie!



Ava won this weeks superstar award for her hard work during mathematics lessons! Da iawn ti!




Sonny won this weeks superstar award for his fantastic attitude towards school. He has been a kind friend to lots of new children than have joined the class over the summer holidays! Da Iawn ti!