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Me & My World

We used the book "I Like Bees, I Don't Like Honey!" to get to know the children during the first full week of school.                                                           

We talked about all the things we like and created a class poem. 


We had a surprise in the Curiosity Box to start our topic.


A little toy cat in front of her house left us a letter. We read the letter and found out that the cat was called Sabrina who wanted to get to know us! She asked the children to send questions to her so that we can find out more about her. These are the questions the class decided on.

When Sabrina the cat gives us the answers to these questions, we will also be finding out these things about each other to help us learn about the topc "Me and my World".

We read "Once there were Giants" and discussed how we have changed from when we were a baby to now. 



A baby doll called Max came to our class to help us learn what babies eed and how we can look after them.

Baby Max wanted us to help him with some recycling challenges for National Recycling Week. We showed him how to sort rubbish into recycling boxes and we reused cardboard tubes to create bird feeders which we hung in the trees in our forest area.

Sabrina the Cat introduced us to her family. She has a brother called Sam, a brand new baby called Sarah and her Mummy and Daddy live with her. She set us a challenge to draw the family that live with us.

We made our houses using recycled materials. We thought about how we could use different ways to attach things to our houses.

We also made houses using shapes and told our friends the name of the shapes we had used.

We read the story Titch about a little boy who was the smallest in the family so always had the smallest things.

We measured each other using ribbon to find out who was the shortest in our group and who was the tallest.

We drew around the shortest child in our group. We worked together to label different parts of the body.

Titch sent us a challenge to help him tidy up for his mum. We had to sort the pictures into ones that were shorter that Titch and things that were taller than Titch.

Titch's tidy up challenge.

Still image for this video

We designed a pinwheel just like Titch had and with some help we made them.

We explored our Spooky Senses during Halloween week. We made and tasted pumpkin soup, we had a freaky feely box, we guessed the spooky sounds, we were spooky shape spotters and we explored some stinky smell cups!!

We drew ourselves using the paint tab of Jit. Our friends used some words to describe us.