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We were very proud to be part of the Primary Partners show at the Grand Theatre! We voted and decided to perform songs from the musical Grease! It was so much fun! Some of us had never been to the Grand Theatre before, so were a little nervous about performing, however, we opened the show and were AMAZING! 


Here are some photos of us on and off stage! 


We were so proud to be part of the Primary Dance project again this year at the Taliesin. We worked with Julie, our choreographer, to create a dance based on the work of Keith Haring (see our art work further down on our website page). We overcame our fears of performing on stage and worked with other Primary Schools in Swansea. 


Our Taliesin art project is based on the work of Keith Haring. Keith was born in 1958, in Pennsylvania, USA. He loved drawing cartoons and visiting museums. When he was 20 years old he moved to New York City and was inspired by graffiti artists. He drew hundreds of drawings on New York’s subway. He got in trouble sometimes for drawing on the subway, but many people loved his art. He carried on drawing because he wanted everyone to experience art.


Keith Haring started becoming famous and had exhibitions in galleries. When the paintings were sold, he often gave the money to children’s charities.


Keith Haring is known for colourful, cartoon artworks and certain characters such as crawling babies, barking dogs and spaceships.


We created our own pieces of art work, inspired by Keith Haring which were displayed in the Taliesin. 







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