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Blast Off

Our topic this term in Blast off! We received an urgent news clip in class this week. It said that something/someone had been spotted in the skies of Blaenymaes...ALIENS 👽!!!
We went on an a hunt around the school to see if we could get find anything and we followed a trail to a crash landing which we believe is the aliens space ship!!




The children have brainstormed their ideas on what they would like to learn over the term. 

This week we been have learning all about the solar system. We researched the planets and found out there are 8 altogether. We enjoyed listening to this video that told us some interesting facts.





The Planet Song - 8 Planets of the Solar System Song for Kids | KidsLearningTube

We have been learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. The children have then had a go at writing a report about it. We will be learning more about report writing over the next few weeks.

History KS2 | Explorers: Neil Armstrong | BBC Teach

Our week went off with a blast this morning. We had Richard & Allan in from Dark Sky Wales who told us all about rockets 🚀. We learnt about thrust, gravity and being aerodynamic.
We made our very own rockets and then went out onto the yard to launch them. They all passed the launch tests 🤩. Ava's went the furthest as it went over the school fence into the next doors garden and Jaycee's went the highest up in the sky. We had a great morning and will be learning more about rockets over the term where we will hopefully make and test different types 😁





We've had a very busy week to finish this half term. We were very lucky to have The Songwriting Doctor in to work with us to create our very own song. We can't wait to perform this after half term.



We also made straw rockets and launched them in the hall today and we've also designed moon buggies which we will be making next term.



As we've been learning about gravity, we worked in groups to make a protective suit for our eggs to survive....the drop!! Out of the 6 eggs dropped, 5 survived the drop. The children had great fun and we all had an eggs-celent time.