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A Pirates Life for Me!

As the weather had changed and we are now seeing lots of sunny days, we learnt how to apply sun cream to our bodies to make sure that we are protected. 

We looked at a video that told us that we needed to be safe when in the sun and we needed to have: a sun hat, a bottle of water and always to apply suncream to our skin. 

We learnt a song and sung it to the babies while we got them ready for a day out in the sun!

Sun Cream Song

Still image for this video

Barti Ddu, a Welsh pirate sent us a letter. There were really tricky words in the letter that we had to find out what they meant. 


We read the story about a pirate called Mel who didn't like to brush his teeth. Tadcu, told him if he didn't brush his teeth then he could lose his teeth like him... with false teeth. Each of the animals showed Mel how they brushed their teeth! Mel decided that he didn't want to lose his teeth so he eventually brushed his teeth. This made us think about our teeth...

We brushed teeth with toothpaste and water

We learnt a song to help us brush the teeth in class

Still image for this video

We met a pirate.... his name was Barti Ddu!

​​​​​​​He didn't look like the pirates we had been reading about!

He told us what it was like to be a pirate and showed us some things we might find on the ship. He showed us what clothes pirates would wear and why they wore them. 

Mr Little's Stories - "Sunk" by Rob Biddulph

Our story today is from Rob Biddulph, the author of "Blown Away" and this time Penguin Blue is going on a new adventure. Have a listen as we find out what he...

After reading the book called "Sunk" we learnt parts of the ship, first we made a simple ship and then we had to listen to instructions to build a ship by cutting and sticking the parts. 

Our Pirate Ships

Mrs M raided her money box to find lots of coins for us to play with. 

We tried to sort them in lots of ways.