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How to use see saw


Download the free seesaw app OR search seesaw on any device. 

Then on I'm a student.

You can ignore email and password. You just need to put in the 'text code' that has been sent to you on dojo (each child has their own unique code).

You will then be able to view the work that has been set for your child each week. 

After reading the instructions you click on response and complete the activity. 

Once completed you click the green tick in the right corner and it will be saved to your Childs page. 


There is a comment option once the work is completed for myself to comment and your child - maybe something they enjoyed doing or something that was difficult. 











How to use phonics play 

Type in phonics play to google

In the right hand corner you need to click on log in 


Username: jan21

password: home


* This will allow full access to a range of interactive resources



Once you are logged in you can click on a variety of different interactive games and different phases. 









Oxford Owl


We have signed up for oxford owl. It is a superb app for reading, all the books online are ones the children will be familiar with from class. There are some options for read only and audio option.


Once you have accessed




Click on the pink button ‘my class login’

Type in


User name: missbacon20

Password: year2








After entering e books


 You can select the level reading your child is on. They can read along with the audio or read alone.