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Friday 5th May 


Our fabulous superstar today goes to Nevaeh! She has had a great week working really hard and we have seen a huge improvement with her attitude to learning! Keep it up Nevaeh! Da iawn!

Friday 29th April 


This weeks double superstar go to Theo and Joseph for being ethical informed citizens and ambitious and capable. During swimming this week, they both found learning some new skills a little bit difficult and after persevering they both made tremendous progress and made us very proud. Keep it up boys an amazing effort.



Friday 21st April 


Our superstar this week goes to Muslim, he is working incredibly hard in the classroom and has been recognised for his beautiful manors whilst on our swimming school trip. Keep it up Muslim, you have made us very proud. 

Friday 24th March 


Our superstar this week goes to Oskar for being an ambitious and capable learner. Oskar has had a superb attitude to learning, he has been working really hard in maths with our topic this week. He has also taken a big interest to our chronological report and offering great ideas. Gwaith da Oskar.



Friday 17th March 


Our superstar this week goes to Muslim, our brand new student who has settled in beautifully to Dosbarth Horton. He is very polite, working really hard and very kind. Keep it up Muslim. 

Friday 10th March


Our superstar today is Lola for being a creative contributor. Lola is always smiling, always tries her best and is a great friend. She has been working particularly hard on her reading and writing and we have seen a huge improvement. Keep it up Lola!

Friday 3rd March 


Our amazing superstar, could be our superstar EVERY single week. She is just absolutely amazing in everything she does. Sienna always gives her best and gave an excellent performance during our Eisteddfod. Gwaith da Sienna.


Friday 17th February 


Our superstar this week goes to Armani, she has made a tremendous improvement with her reading. All her hard work is paying off with her writing as she has written a beautiful story for our eisteddfod. We are so proud of you! Keep it up.


Friday 10th February 


Our superstar this week goes to Gemma. Gemma has made a big effort to bring her reading book to school every day making great progress with a great attitude to learning. Gwaith da Gemma!

Friday 3d February


Our superstar this week is Caelyn. Caelyn has worked really hard on her reading and writing and has Improved her spelling majorly. We have seen a major improvement in Caelyns attitude to work. Keep it up!


Friday 27th January


Today our superstar could go to Daniel every single week. He always gives a 100 percent to all areas. He's a polite, caring and thoughtful young boy! Gwaith da Daniel! Keep it up. 

Friday 20th January 


Our superstar today goes to our fabulous Oliwier. He has had an excellent attitude to learning and really suprised me this week with his reading and writing. He has also challenged himself in numeracy and had brilliant recall of his 4 times table! Gwaith da Oliwier.


Friday 13th January


Today our superstar goes to Sonny for a great attitude to work. Showing great improvements with his reading and maths skills. Gwaith da Sonny keep it up. 

Friday 16th December


Today our superstar goes to our best improved attender. McKenzie! Da iawn McKenzie you have been working very hard. 

Friday 9th December 


Our superstar today goes to Nevaeh. She has worked incredibly hard on her behaviour and all areas in the classroom. Gwaith da Nevaeh.

Friday 2nd December


Todays superstar goes to Lola! She has been working incredibly hard on her listening and applying skills. Lola's presentation has improved significantly and she always takes pride in her work. Keep it up Lola!

Friday 25th November 


Todays superstar goes to Michael. Michael has been working so hard on our text type instructions. He has tried extremely hard with his presentations and worked hard on retelling his recipe! Keep up the hard work Michael! Gwaith da! 

Friday 18th November


Our superstar this week goes to our brand new pupil, Joseph. Joesph has settled in lovely to Dosbarth Horton and made lots of new friends. He has particular amazed us with his excellent writing skills and sequencing of Sonic. Gwaith da Joseph keep it up!

Friday 11th November


Our superstar this week goes to the lovely, loopy Lexi! Lexi could be our superstar every week for aways trying her best in everything she does! She is a star pupil, who always goes above and beyond not only in her work but for her friends and teachers also. Lexi is the kindest friend, nothing is never to much trouble and she is always willing to help others! Keep up the hard work our little superstar we are very proud of you!

Friday 28th October 

Today our seren yr wythnos goes to Leo. Leo has been trying extremely hard to be an independent learner. This week he has completed some great missions with no support, he was also able to reflect on his work too! Keep it up Leo da iawn. 


Friday 21st October


Our seren yr wythnos today goes to the lovely Jacob. Jacob is an absolute superstar, always tries his best and has the best manors. Jacob has been working extremely hard on our science experiment and had such a deep understanding of the results, he impressed us all! Da iawn Jacob!


Thursday 13th October 


Our seren yr wythnos today is Ameliak, she is extremely kind, caring and thoughtful. Ameliak has a natural eye for creativity. She takes so much pride in her work and is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Da iawn, keep it up!


Friday 7th October


Our seren yr wythnos today goes to Kiera! Where to even begin, Kiera is such a delight to have in class. She is an amazing helper, always tries her best and is the kindest friend. This week Kiera has particularly enjoyed taking part in missions and researching facts about our solar system. Da dawn Kiera keep up your fantastic work!



Friday 30th September 


Our superstar this week is Lola, Lola is always being creative, kind and helpful. She is our class role model, always trying to be the best she can be. Lola pays attention to the finest detail and is always finding different way to impress us with her creativity! Gwaith da Lola, keep it up!

Friday 23rd September 

Our superstar today is Leah, for always trying her best and giving a hundred percent. Leah is always a good friend and always willing to help! Leah has blown us away this week with her independence for missions. She has tried super hard particularly in literacy. Keep it up Leah da iawn!


Friday 16th September 2022


Our superstar this week goes to Oskar. He has been working extremely hard on his place value and ordering this week. He has been a great friend helping others in and outside of the classroom. Keep up the hard work Oskar da iawn.

Friday 9th September 2022

Our first superstar of the year goes to the lovely Sienna. Sienna leads by example, always gives hundred percent and wants to learn. She is an amazing friend and always has settled in to year 4 beautifully. Keep up the hard work. Gwaith da Sienna.