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Here you will find links to services to support your health and wellbeing as a valued member of staff at Blaenymaes Primary School. 

Self Care

Whilst the teaching profession can be a very satisfying and rewarding profession, it can also be a very demanding profession which places people within, at risk if self-care is not practiced. Neglecting self-care can place employees at an increased emotional and physical risk because:-

  • The work requires constant ‘empathic engagement’ with learners, their families and with colleagues
  • We are constantly learning of another’s trauma – doesn’t have to be 1st person
  • The need to ‘make sense’, and sometimes control our world
  • We are constantly helping, listening and supporting others
  • People constantly draw from our energy (a car will not run on an empty fuel tank!)
  • Some learners are physically demanding
  • Constant changes in Education
  • Workload demand which impacts on work/life balance

This all accumulates over time!

Finding time to care for yourself can be challenging for many of us in our busy day to day lives however, it is an essential part of our own wellbeing and in turn in the ability to support those around us.

Stress Management and Counselling - This leaflet outlines free and confidentail support offered by Swansea Council.


Teachers and education staff can call us to talk through all kinds of concerns including:

  • Managing difficult feelings or situations
  • Advice on boundary setting and self-care
  • Getting the best out of your work relationships
  • Planning for or processing difficult conversations
  • Any challenging personal matter
  • And we’re also here if you simply need to vent!


When you call you’ll talk to a qualified counsellor. We’ll offer you immediate, confidential emotional support. 

Don’t wait for a crisis to call

08000 562 561

Life Trauma

Financial Support

National Support Lines




SHOUT - 24/7 text service text: 85258