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Our topic this term is Ministry of Magic, the pupils have generated ideas and discussed what they would like to learn. Our planning map is below. Scroll down to see all the wonderful learning linked to our topic! 

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This week we have been continuing to read our class story ' The Boy at the Back of the Class' and heard Ahmet's story of how he travelled by boat to Greece and had to sleep in a camp with lots of other refugees. He started his journey from Syria, escaping the bombs and war, with his mum, dad, sister and cat, however, when he arrived in London it's just him. 


We discussed questions we would like to ask Ahmet. What happened to your family? Who is looking after you? Do you miss Syria? Why was your country being bombed?


We are hoping to find the answers as we continue to read the story. #article19 #article 38





We were so surprised to arrive back to class and find our acceptance letters to the school of Wizardry!









We were invited to wear the sorting hat to find out which house we would be in, and then followed origami instructions to make our house tie designs. 














Dosbarth Langland wish all our parents, carers and friends a very Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, we were unable to invite you into school for a Christmas performance but have recorded for you to enjoy instead. 

Christmas 2021.mp4

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Our topic this term is I'm a Survivor, the pupils have generated ideas and discussed what they would like to learn. Our planning map is below. Scroll down to see all the wonderful learning linked to our topic! 


Volcanoes - SD

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We have been reading 'The boy at the back of the class' by Onjali Q. Raúf as part of our Empathy sessions. In the story so far, Ahmet has joined the class but is very quiet and hasn't spoken to any of the pupils. The main character wants to be friends with Ahmet and has found out he has travelled from Syria. To help him communicate with Ahmet, he decides to find out which fruits they enjoy in Syria, he found out that Pomegranate is a popular fruit in Syria. In class, we tasted pomegranate, some of us had never tried it before and most of us thought it was delicious! 









Dawn from Naturedays visited our school and asked us the question

'If our school was an island, would we be able to survive?' 


Dawn set us three challenges to complete, first we had to look for food and water in the school grounds. We found water on the tree leaves, inside pots (rain water) and also found fruit and some vegetables in our allotment areas. 






Our second challenge was to make a shelter that would protect use from the rain and wind. We decided on a safe place to make our shelter and had to work well with the rest of our group. Mrs Smith then brought a water can and poured water over our shelter.... some of us got wet and realised we needed to fix parts of our shelter! 






Our third challenge was to light a fire. Dawn spoke to us about lighting fires and that we should never light fire unless in a survival situation. Dawn showed us a safe way to make a spark using flint and metal, we were amazed.






She also told us that in a survival situation, fires can be used to keep us warm, cook food, send smoke signals and it will keep wild animals like bears away. Finally, we toasted marshmallows! 







We had such a fun day!! 




As a start back to school, we read the book 'After the fall' by Dan Santat. The story was about how Humpty Dumpty became scared of heights after falling off the wall but he loved to watch the birds fly and really wanted to over come his fear. He started by making a paper aeroplane but when he was flying it, it landed on the top of the wall. He changed his mindset and built up the courage to climb the wall again.  We had a box of items and had to guess what the story was... we all predicted it was something to do with Humpty Dumpty. 





Then, we discussed our fears, made paper aeroplanes with positive quotes and wrote some poems about overcoming our fears. Our poems were submitted to the Young Writers competition and if we are successful our poems will be published! 


Look at our positive mindset animal paper aeroplanes. 



We had lots of fun flying our aeroplanes and measuring the distance they flew. Leila's flew the furthest!