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How Does your Garden Grow?

This half term our topic will be "How Does your Garden Grow?" We will be exploring nature and growing and thinking about how minibeasts help the plants grow.

Click on link to see pdf

We started our topic with a trip to Llanelli Wetlands Centre where we learnt about Ava's Journey and how we can be Guardians of the Wild by completing nature activities.

We made binoculars to use on a nature walk around school.

Our binoculars were useful to help us find nature on our school grounds.

We liked the flowers we found on our nature walk so we looked at 3 Welsh artists, Katie Allen, Louise Jones and Dorian Spencer-Davies, who painted the sunflowers at Rhosilli. We expressed what we liked and didn't like, then we voted which one we wanted to use as inspiration for our Eisteddfod artwork.

We chose Louise Jones's painting and created some fabulous artwork using painting and printing techniques.

Our winners were RA, Ada and Aaliylah.

We have been developing our social skills, taking turns garden themed three in a row.

We using our problem solving skills to work out which numbers were missing from the flowers.

We read Biyu the Brave Pea as one of our Think Equal stories. We planted our own peas to see how they would grow.

We learned what we needed to do to help our peas grow and after a few weeks we measured them to see how tall they were.

We explored how kindness can grow just like plants do. We read The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse as part of the Think Equal programme and set up a kindness tree in our class. We can add a leaf to the tree every time we do something kind and watch how the tree grows with fabulous leaves.

We read Errols Garden and saw how they worked together to create a garden for his community. We worked together to make a fairy garden to play with.

We did a science challenge to explore how bees pollinate flowers.

We worked in pairs to create bugs using natural materials.

We used natural materials to make our own paints. We used berries, grass and mud to create different colours.

We took photos of nature that interested us and included them in our fabulous video.

Still image for this video

Ava sent us a final nature challenge.

We followed Ava's instructions to make a giant nest before looking for eggs to put in it.

When we got back to class we opened the eggs to find our Guardians of the Wild badges inside! We were all very excited to have completed our nature challenges to become Guardians of the Wild!

We thought about Ava and what she had taught us through the Guardians of the Wild project.