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Weekly Challenges

Each week, I will post a new story as our book focus. I will list various different activities you may wish to do with your child. For some activities they will need their seesaw log in and hwb log in. If you need them re sent to you please let me know, any questions send me a dojo and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.


If you require extra work please message me directly on dojo. 

Thank you Miss Bacon  

Week commencing 22.6.20

This week we have lots of Eco challenges and activities for you to complete at home. We look forward to seeing your pictures and results. All your work will go towards the schools THIRD Eco flag. 

Week commencing 15.6.20


This week we would like you to continue looking around the Swansea Virtual School website and have a go at some of the Foundation Phase lessons.


Along with that, as is it National School Grounds Week, we would like you to design your own playground. Think about things you would like on the ground to show different areas/zones/games, any equipment you would like to see on the yard. Draw a picture and send me a photo on dojo/seesaw. Below are some photos of some examples to help you.





We would also like you to go on a butterfly hunt and see what butterflies, you can find. Take some photos and send them to me on dojo and seesaw, see if you can find the names  of the butterflies you find. Below is some information about the activity for you.



Hope you have a great week, stay safe! Miss Bacon 😃


Week commencing 8.6.20

This week your challenges are a little different. Below is the link for the Swansea Virtual Schools website. There are lessons posted daily and you can also watch previous lessons from last week. Have a go at some of the challenges and let me know how you get on. Send some photos to me know dojo.
Don't forget to have a look at the other websites that are posted at the bottom of this page too. 
Have a go at the daily workouts with Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel or have some chill time whilst doing some cosmic yoga.
Have fun, stay safe! 
Miss Bacon 😃

Week commencing 1st June 2020



This week our story is 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. Watch and listen to the story using the youtube link below, under the link is the list of activities you could complete this week based on the story. Show me your work by sending photos on dojo.




The Rainbow Fish

Activity 1 - Write a story about a Rainbow Fish or even a different 'rainbow' animal, e.g. a Rainbow Bird, a Rainbow Butterfly or a Rainbow Cat. 


Activity 2 - Create your own Rainbow Fish using what you have in the house. Below are some examples:





Activity 3 - Can you think of ways you can show kindness? See the link and picture below, do you already do some these? Can you find some acts of kindness you can do around the home for or with your family?




Activity 4 - Listen to some relaxing sea music in the link below.

 While you are listening to the music think of the creatures you would find in the sea, draw a picture.



Activity 5 - Have a look at the link below to watch videos of different sea animals .Write some facts about your favourite animals you saw, onto seesaw or hwb.



Activity 6 - Complete the seesaw task, of how the rainbow fish character changes through the story



Activity 7 - Can you make a friendship poster, think about all the ways you are a good friend. 



Week commencing - 25.5.20


Whitsun week


 As itis meant to be half term next week there won't be a set book & challenges to complete. Instead I would like you to enjoy some relaxing family time making memories together and stay safe. Thereare some fun things happening online during halfterm if you would like to check them out:
A virtual visit to London Zoo - Their You tube pagehas lots of videos of their animals
Swansea Bay have a virtual treasure hunt everyday of half term - follow them on Facebook andTwitter to join in via this link:


Week commencing 18.5.20


This weeks book focus is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. There are lots of nice activities which can either be completed through see saw - by responding to assigned tasks or hand written and sent through dojo. Don't forget to check out our Y2 page to see all the work completed from the last few weeks. Any questions please let me know. 

The Gruffalo

Activity 1 - Can you draw a character from the story or make your own imaginary creature and use wow words to describe them. 


Activity2 - The story is full of lots of rhymes, can you create another character using rhyming words?


Activity 3 - The mouse pretends to be the scariest creature in the woods. What other scary animals can you think of? Why are they scary? Can you write a story about a scary animal?


Activity 4 - In your garden, can you make use leaves, sticks, stones, mud to make your own grufflo trail and send me pictures through class dojo OR make a den for the characters in the story.


Activity 5 - With help from an adult can you make your own animal food from the story? or come up with your own?


Activity 6 - Explore to play and read all games :) 









Week commencing 11th May 2020

This week our story is 'Stanley's Stick' by John Hegley & Neal Layton and 'Not A Stick' by Antoinette Portis. Watch and listen to the stories using the youtube links below, under the links are the list of activities you could complete this week based on the stories. Show me your work by sending photos on dojo and seesaw.

Stanley's Stick

Not A Stick by Antoinette Portis Read Aloud


Activity 1 


Can you make your own stick character? Tell me about who your stick is, what describing words could you use to describe your stick character?


Activity 2 


Can you make a den for your favourite toy? Collect as many sticks as you can to help you do this and maybe you could use some materials from your home. Don't forget to send me pictures. 


Activity 3


Log in to seesaw and add response to my something special. In Stanleys story his something special is his stick. What is yours? Can you draw a picture of your and your something special and tell me all about it.


Activity 4


Can you collect sticks and make them in to different things  just like in the story "its not just a stick" 


Activity 5


Can you copy the stick dance and get someone from your home to take some pictures to send to me.


Activity 6


Log in to seesaw and add response to Covid 19 diary. I look forward to reading them :-)








Week commencing - 4th May 


Click on the link to listen to our new story by one of my favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. Underneath the video you will see various activities to complete with your child at home. Don't forget to send lots of pictures so I can keep updating the website with all the children hard work. Any questions send me a dojo :-) 

Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson

Activity 1 


Learning to tell the time - Log in to see saw, complete the assigned activity. You will need to draw the hands on to the analogue clock to the correct time of the digital clock. 


Use this link to to help you o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


Activity 2 


Can you make a fact file about a monkey. Then log in to see saw to place the animals in the right habitats. Add mic to tell me about each animal in the different habitats. 


Activity 3 


Could you and your grown up use some bananas to make a nice treat? It could be banana bread, banana pancakes, bananas muffins or even make a picture using cut up bananas and I will try and guess what it is.


Activity 4 


Can you draw the shadow on some of your favourite toys and figures? Send me your pictures on dojo or by your hwb email account. 



Activity 5 


Can you draw your own story map, on paper or seesaw (create new post) of the night monkey, day monkey?









Week commencing - 27th April 


Click on the link to listen to the story, below the youtube list are numerous activities you can do with your children this week. Don't forget to send lots of pictures so I can post on our webpage and twitter. 



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Activity 1 


Firstly, log in to seesaw, complete the Venn diagram of healthy and non healthy foods. 

Activity 2


Make a pretty patterned butterfly - use whatever you have at home - paper/pens/paint/natural materials from outside (stones, grass, leaves, daisies etc)

Activity 3 


Log in to seesaw. Change the story of the very hungry caterpillar, what character could you use instead? What will happen in your story? Don't forget a beginning, middle and end. 

Activity 4


Have a go at the hungry caterpillar cosmic yoga. Send some pictures on dojo of you having a go. 

Activity 5


Make your own life cycle of a butterfly. You may record this anyway you want, outside in the garden, pen and paper, hwb, see saw. 


*This link will help you













Week commencing 20th Apri


BBC bitesize 


They have released new lessons and resources to support parents and children during this time. 


Please click on the link and choose a topic.

Easter Fortnight 


Enjoy the website links.

Sign in to see saw to design your own Easter egg. 

Send me an email on hwb, about what you are up to, how you are keeping busy and how you are feeling. 

Week commencing 23rd March 


Explore all the new free websites and apps and enjoy some quality family time. Send me an email to tell me what you have been up to. Stay safe!