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Animal Safari

To start our Animal Safari topic, pupils used non-fiction books to choose their favourite animal. They drew it and thought of something they want to find out about that animal. We will explore these questions over the coming weeks.

We started our topic with a trip to Llanelli Wetland Centre. We will be following Ava's journey as she migrates to Africa. Will we also be completing nature challenges to become Guardians of the Wild.

We have completed our first Guardian of the Wild challenges- we made our own pair of binoculars! We will be using these soon to help us go bird spotting on school grounds.

We made bird hides to try and see the bird in our garden.

We gave instructions to our friends and did our best listening to follow the instructions to get to different animals.

We learnt how to use Jit Turtle to send directions for the camel to move through the desert.

We discussed where animals go if they are injured or sick. We watched a video about a day at a vets surgery and made a list of what we would need to create a vet role play area.

We are enjoying pretending to be vets!

We looked at dictionaries and talked about how words were sorted by the alphabet. We made a class animal dictionary, choosing the correct letter to place the animal picture.

We had an amazing animal experience from A&S Animal Encounters. We learnt facts about different animals and had the chance to hold or stroke them. We were all so brave!

We chose an animal either from our class animal dictionary or from our Animal Encounters visit, and wrote some facts to make a class animal book for Rhodri's Reading Cafe.

We practised number bonds by making animal pairs to make 10.

We read the story "The Journey Home" where a panda, an elephant, an orangutan and a polar bear need to look for new homes because humans are destroying their habitats.

We talked about what we can do to help the animals survive and made "Save the Animals" posters.

We used a stop motion app to make a video to share how we can protect nature.

Still image for this video