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Supermarket Sweep

Tesco Visit

The children enjoyed their walk to Tesco. We were given a shopping list and walked around to find the ingredients ready for our class recipe book. We also had lollies on the way back to school.

Da iawn pawb, fantastic effort!

Junk Modelling

In groups, the children created their own models using recyclable materials. 

Planting our sunflower seeds

Where does our rubbish go?

The children verbally created an APK grid where they created a mind map of ideas about where our rubbish goes before watching a video about recycling and landfills. Children answered questions about the video and recycling at home and in school. 

Sorting food packaging materials

The children looked at the materials in the classroom and placed them into the correct bins- cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, carton and any other materials they could see. 

Following our community walk visit and as part of our mission areas, the children created a graph on JiT looking at the different types of shops in our community. The children sued their results from the tally chart and placed them in the correct places on the graph. 

Topic map for Supermarket Sweep

Year 1 and 2 discussed as a phase what ideas and activities they would like to complete with the topic 'Supermarket Sweep'. 

Hook- Shops in the community

We walked around the local community and saw the different shops Blaenymaes has. We noted down the different types of shops and placed tally marks on our table. We all enjoyed our community walk as we saw many shops!