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Friday 28th June 


Our superstar this week goes to Ffion, she has been working really hard on her reading and writing. We have seen a huge improvement. Keep it up Ffion


Friday 14th June 


Our superstar this week is Cerys, she is a superb role model, kind friend and hard working. She has been working incredibly hard on her presentation and it keeps getting better and better. Da iawn Cerys.


Friday 7th June


Today our superstar goes to Dexter, He has had a superb week, working hard on his mathematical skills and reading and writing. Dexters confidence is improving everyday. Keep it up Dexter

Friday 24th May 


Today our superstar goes to Lidia, Lidia has been a computer genius this week. She has produced a beautiful persuasive poster on Penlan leisure. Remembering all the key features. She is a great friend and a superb role model in class. Gwaith da Lidia 

Friday 17th May 


Today our superstar goes to Qushan, he has produced a fabulous hot write on how to keep healthy. He has remembered lots of the key features and really shown off his fabulous artistic skills. Keep it up Qushan 

Friday 10th May


Today our superstar goes to Vanessa, Vanessa could be our superstar every week. She is always hard working, tries her best and a kind friend. 

She has worked particularly hard this week on databases and formulas and then went on to help her friends. Keep it up Vanessa Gwaith da!


Friday 3rd May


Today our superstar goes to Millie, she has shown real motivation and perseverance when faced with new challenges. She is a role model both in and outside of the classroom, showing kindness and friendship to whoever needs it. 


Friday 26th April


Today our superstar goes to Qushan. This week the whole class have been learning about food festivals and Qushan has been an ethically informed learner by teaching us lots about Ramadan and Eid. Da iawn Qushan keep it up. 

We were lucky enough to have a boscar winner in our class today. Isobelle was our boscar winner for being fantastically mature after a medical emergency in school. We are super proud of you. A massive well done. 

Friday 12th April 


Today our superstar is for a very sad reason, it goes to the lovely Leila. Unfortuantely it is Leila's last day in Blaenymaes. We are going to miss your wicked sense of humour, your funny jokes and your caring self around the classroom. We hope you come back soon to visit us. Best of luck, we will miss you. 

Friday 15th March 


Today our superstar goes to Azariah, he has been working super hard on our topic Wonderful Wales and created  beautiful report on the national parks. Keep up the hard work Azariah!


Friday 8th March


Today our superstar goes to Carwyn, he has been an ambitious and capable learning, trying his best to listen and take pride in his work. He has been working hard on his reading and we have seen a huge difference in his attitude. Keep it up Carwyn. Gwaith da.


Friday 23rd February 


Today our superstar goes to Layla, Layla has been working extremely hard on her Eisteddfodd competition entries putting in 100 percent effort and it is really portraying in her work. Keep it up Layla


Friday 9th February


Our superstar today goes to Kiara, she has had an amazing week, showing us she is an ambitious and capable learner. Always pushing herself to be the best she can be. She has done some brilliant work around the Celts ending with a great presentation on key note. Gwaith da

Friday 2nd February 


Today our superstar goes to Millie, she has been working her socks off in all areas and has particurarly enjoyed being creative this week when it has come to making her own roman shields. She has made big improvements with her reading and it is really showing in her writing. Keep it up Mills.

Friday 28th January 


Todays superstar goes to Leila, Leila has had a brilliant week and has really showed off how she can be an ambitious and capable learning. She has blown us away with all her information she has learnt about Celts. We are really looking forward to seeing what her report will turn out like next week. Gwaith da Leila, keep it up!

Friday 19th January 


Today our superstar goes to Dexter, Dexter has become more and more confident in the classroom and it is showing in his work and his attitude. Dexter was chosen to have a very special role in our museum trip which involved getting his whole 'tribe' to listen to him. He did this amazingly and made us all so proud. Keep being an ambitious and capable learner Dexter, Gwaith da.


Friday 12th January 


Our first superstar of 2024, goes to Mason! Mason ended the year working extremely hard and missed out on being our superstar narrowly. He has come back with a superb attitude and also won his class an extra 5 minutes play as the best 'buzz' winner! Keep it up Mason, Da iawn.


Friday 15th December


Todays superstar goes to Liam, Liam has been working really hard on his maths this week and made some fantastic christmas symmetrical trees. Hes also produced an excellent hot write typing up his discussion - should trees in Penllergare be cut down. Da iawn Liam keep it up 

Friday 8th December


Our Superstar today goes to the lovely Cerys. Cerys is always hardworking, ambitious and capable, particularly this week with persevering with some difficult maths questions. Keep it up Cerys! Gwaith da. 

Friday 1st December


Our fabulous superstar today goes to Maddie, she has produced beautiful story map for our discussion work this week. She is a lovely friend and always tries her best. Keep it up Maddie.


Friday 24th November


Today our superstar is Kiara, Kiara has been an ambitious and capable learning. She is always trying her best and has really impressed us with her numeracy skills this week. Da iawn Kiara


Friday 17th November 


Our superstar this week goes to Layla Rose. Superstar could go to Layla every week, she is such a kind, caring friend with an amazing attitude to work. She always gives a 100 percent and her work really reflects that. Keep it up Layla, Da iawn. 


Friday 10th November 


Our superstar goes to Ffion, Ffion has had excellent behaviour all week and wrote a beautiful film review in welsh from our Cinema trip to watch Trolls. Da iawn Ffion keep it up!


Friday 27th October


Today our superstar goes to Jenson, He has had an absolute stormer of a week from working really hard to being a great role model. He learnt some great facts from our trip and could recall them in his writing. He also produced an awesome ECO code as an extra mission. Gwaith da Jenson!

Friday 20th October


Our superstar today goes to Mason. He has had a stormer of a week, working really hard listening and trying his best. 

Friday 13th October


Today our superstar goes to Lidia. Lidia has faced new challenges and persevering until she achieves success. 

Friday 29th September 


Our superstar today goes to Ava. Ava is a lovely friend, always willing to help anyone in need. She always gives a hundred percent and her reading and writing is coming on lovely. Keep up the hard work Ava!

Friday 22nd September 


Our superstar goes to Oliwier, he has setteled in to class beautifully. He has really blown us away with his maths skills, partioning numbers over 1000. He is a lovely friend and always smiling. Keep it up Oliwier!

Friday 15th September 


Our superstar today goes to Jacob. Jacob always tries his best, always goes above in beyond and has worked incredibly hard typing his recount about our woodland adventure this week. Da iawn Jacob Keep it up.

Friday 9th September


Today our superstar goes to Olivia. Olivia is such a kind and considerate friends always willing to help others and is an absolute pleasure to have in class.