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Reception 2019-20

Friday 31st January 2020


Julia was our class ‘Seren y Wythnos’ for speaking more in class and trying really hard to speak to Mrs M in Welsh. Her confidence in class is growing and it’s lovely to see her character grow. Mrs M is proud 👍🏼

Friday 24th January 2020


Murad was our class ‘Seren yr Wythnos’ this week for working so hard in class. He has been trying really hard with his sounds. He is has been a big boy coming to school this week and not getting upset. Mrs M is proud of you Murad 👍🏼



Friday 17th January 2020 


Mason was our 'Seren yr Wythnos' this week for listening so well in class this week. Mason is sitting on the carpet and listening to class instructions. Well done Mason yes



Friday 10th January 2020


Lola was our 'Seren yr Wythnos' this week for coming back to school after Christmas with a positive attitude and working so hard in class. I am so proud of Lola's achievement this week yes

Friday 29th November

Iain was our class 'Seren y Wythnos' this week for most improved attitude coming to school. He has come to school every day with a big smile on his face and has enjoyed his day. Well done Iain yes

Friday 22nd November

Leila-Michelle was our 'Seren y Wythnos' for always having a positive attitude, trying really hard and always putting a smile on Mrs M's face. Keep up the good work Leila, I am super proudsmiley

Friday 15th November

Kayden was our class 'Seren y Wythnos' this week for improved behaviour in class. He has been trying really hard to listen to teachers in the class and sit down on the carpet. He is joining in and putting his name on the board to say how he is feeling. Mrs M is super proud yes

Friday 8th November

Chelsea has been chosen for our class superstar this week for impressing Mrs M with her work. She persevered and enjoyed completing her sentences about the fireworks. yes Mrs M is super proud smiley

Friday 4th October 2019

Kiera is our class Superstar this week for trying so hard in class. She is eager to complete her work and is always working hard for 'Purple Rhodri'. Keep up the hard work Kiera. Mrs M is so proud smiley

Friday 27th September 2019

Nevaeh was chosen to be our 'Seren yr Wythnos' for settling into Reception, always coming to school with a smile and always making Mrs M smile. Mrs M is super proud smiley

Friday 20th September 2019

Sienna was my 'Seren yr Wythnos' for being more confident in the class and joining in and playing more in the areas with friends. I am so proud Sienna. smiley

Friday 13th September 2019

Toby was our class "Seren yr Wythnos" (Star of the week) for settling into Reception and eating his dinner all week smiley Mrs M is super proud. 

Friday 6th September 2019

Leo was our class "Seren yr Wythnos" (Star of the week) for settling into Reception and surprising Mrs M by writing his name. Mrs M is super proud smiley