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Brilliant Beasts

Our new topic to start the Summer term is Brilliant Beasts. As a topic starter, pupils listened to clues and they had to go and find the animal it was describing. They then shared their ideas of what they wanted to learn about. The pupil's ideas are in green.

We read Dear Zoo and then estimated how many animals would fit into each crate. We made guesses and then checked by counting.

We read The Great Pet Sale and set up own own pet shop. We had to count the correct amount of pennies to pay for our animals.

We looked at photos from the story "The Journey Home" and talked about what we thought was happening for each animal.

We then read the story and drew a picture of what might happen next for the animals.

We decided to raise some money for a local RSPCA animal centre, Llys Nini. We were making healthy dog treats so we made a video to tell our families and the whole school about them.

Still image for this video

We looked at dog treat packets and we drew ideas of what to put on the packet.

We thought of different names for the dog treats and voted for our favourite. The winning name was...

We then had lots of fun following the instructions to make the dog treats. There were orders for 65 packets so we had to get to work!

We completed our first set of orders and delivered them to our customers.

We have even had some photos of happy customers!!

We had a special visit to Llys Nini to present the money we had raised. We were very proud of supporting a local charity.

We read Farmer Duck and learned about the jobs that need to be done on the farm. We became farmers for the day - we had to shear the sheep, milk the cow, sort the eggs and clean the muddy animals.