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Once Upon A Time!

We designed a new hat for the Queen, some of us thought she would look good with an Iron Man hat... What do you think?

We used a new art technique called "block printing", we printed the Queen's head first, which looked like a stamp. We then drew our designs on polystyrene  titles and used different colours to print her new hat.


Even the author and illustrator loved our designs smiley 

Block Printing a new hat for the Queen

The Queen's Hat read by its author and illustrator Steve Antony

In preparation for the Queen's special Plantinum Jubilee celebration, we have read the story book called "The Queen's Hat" by Steve Antony. 

We used Google Earth to find out where the Queen lives and where her hat travelled. 

We asked Mrs ML if she could take us on a trip to London to meet the Queen.......


Role Play in the shop - using pennies

Reading For Pleasure

Hot Seating Little Red Hen

Exploring coins


Forest School - Becoming a Guardian of Nature

Wetlands Visit


We went to the Wetlands Centre in Llanelli. We met Ava, a little girl who was part human, part bird. She told us a story and asked us to help her on her journey to find her family. We split into three groups, where we listened to information about Ava's journey. 


Little Red Hen Movement

Making 5 / 10

Writing Instructions for our families

Following the recipe to make bread-rolls

Making Bread Roll


We looked at the recipe that Little Red Hen left us with the ingredients we would need to make Bread rolls. (We halved the ingredients so children could identify the numbers on the weighing scale)


First, we put a cup of wheat into a blender. we turned it on and blended the wheat... WOW it was noisy!

Once the wheat had been blended, we poured it out to see what it looked like. 

We then put some wheat into the pestle, we tried to grind the wheat ourselves... it was really hard!


We enjoyed this activity and trying to help Little Red Hen with the wheat. 

Making flour

Would you help Little Red Hen?

Making numbers / making 10

Book Talk - Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen's Letter

Gower Hertiage Centre

Gower Heritage Centre 

We went to the Gower Heritage Centre to meet Little Red Hen.

We met Rachael, who told us the story of Little Red Hen and how she made bread all by herself because her friends were too lazy! We learnt how Little Red Hen made bread and how she used a mill, we explored the Centre and how a mill worked.

We went on an egg hunt and had a "Duck Race"

We made paper bag puppets and decorated an egg using scratch art.


We had lots of fun with Rachael at the Gower Heritage Centre.