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Electric Rainbow

We started our topic with blacking out our windows and going back in time where there was no electricity and the lights could not be switched on, We soon realised that learning was tricky as we couldn't see what we were doing. We tried to use candle light to talk to our friends but it was no use we still found this tricky... we couldn't read books as the light was not strong enough. 

Our Topic Map

Light - Film Week

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Remembrance Day

CGI 3D Animated Short: "Light" - by The Light Team | TheCGBros

Watch this cute and wonderfully animated 3D animated short called "Light" about a young girl, Charly, and her assistant robot, Bob-e, as she tests her ecological generator on their home causing an unexpected result! For more information, please see the details and links below.

We watched a short film during film week based around our topic on light. 

We explored characters... 

We went to the cinema to watch Sonic 2. We all really enjoyed. We worked in partners to complete a film review. by asking and answering questions. 

Swansea Museum Visit 


Phill taught us lots of new facts about electricity. He showed us what used to be used a long time ago when people didn't have electricity. It was really interesting to see what people used to use....


King of Sparkle sent us a message asking for help!

His kingdom is in darkness and needed light. He needed us to help him to light a lightbulb... we had lots of fun making a simple circuit.

Making music using symbols.