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The Everywhere Bears Journey

The Everywhere Bear is a book we thoroughly enjoyed in class by Julia Donaldson. On a Friday, the Everywhere Bear and book bag goes home with our superstar. They can write about all of the fun they had with them over the weekend and tell the class during fruit and milk time on a Monday. 

First he came home with Miss Bacon for the weekend, he had lots of fun with Ollie down the woods and then cuddled up ready for a film. 



Then he went home with Miss Barnes they played with toys and Harvey the cat.



Next he went home with Charlie they had pizza for tea.


Maddie was very busy with the Everywhere bear, he had a fantastic time at the hairdressers, food down mumbles and a bike ride.



He enjoyed going home with Ruby, they went to rugby and lots of cuddles.

Lacey was super busy with a fun filled Saturday to Oakwood park!


Julia and the everywhere bear were busy in the park and playing with her toys 



Wow the Everywhere bear was really busy when he went to Pheobes, lots of colouring playing with Ruby and up to mischief with the Elf on the Shelf.

When the Everywhere bear went home with Ayse, he had lots of cuddles with her brand new little brother and some nice stories before bed. I hope he didn't keep you up :-)