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Autumn term - Stargazing

Follow all of our work we have done around stargazing this term!

Following on with our topic from last half term, Stargazing. We have been creative contributors making our own planets from paper mâché. We enjoyed working as a team to make the planets and look forward to next week, where we will be painting them and acting our the orbit of the solar system.


Here are some of the Cinquain poems we have made this week. We recorded our poems and typed them on seesaw. 


Science Experiment 


Ethically informed citizens 

This week we have been busy with our science experiment. We wanted to find out if we dropped a stone from different heights what size crater would we have. 

Ordering the planets 


Today we ordered ourselves as planets in position from the sun. We acted orbiting around the sun. 


Dobarth Horton a Dobarth Pwll du have been lucky enough to take part in a Welsh Eco Schools workshop. We have daily live sessions with lots of different important people such as:

Orri Pall Johansson from the Icelandic Parliament

Award winning Playwright Kaite O'Reilly  who does a lot for Disability inclusion in the arts  

Hester Turner who lives in the Lammas Eco Village in West Wales


and lots more.


We began the week looking at how things have changed over the last 30 years and imagining how the world and the way we live might change by 2052. We had the task to ask our parents what it was like 30 years ago and we had lots of crazy answers like HUGE mobile phones with no camera phones, huge televisions and no FORTNITE or TIK TOK!


We then discussed what we wanted 2052 to look like...

What our 2052 community will look like.

Weather Forecast 2052

As part of one of our workshops we watched Owain Wyn Evans present the news from Wales from the future. We wanted to make our own weather reports! We worked in groups to come up with a script and then recorded on the green screen.


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At the beginning of our topic, we had Dark Sky Wales come in to school with their Planeterium to teach us all about our Solar System. It was so interesting and have left us with challenges for when the sky gets dark.