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Everyday Heroes

Our first topic of the year is "Everyday Heroes". The children gave their ideas for the topic which helped the teachers plan. The pupil ideas are in green.

We asked the question, "What is a hero?" and then went on a picture hunt to sort who we thought were heroes and not heroes.

We realised that not all superheroes wear capes. We can have special super powers such as kindness, love or creativity. We read "A Super Power Like Mine" to help us figure out our own super power!

We thought about what our super powers were and made a super hero cape celebrating them!

PCSO Steve brought his police van into school and told us what a police office does. We explored the police van and we learned about the police dogs and police horses too!

We thought about different jobs and had discussions around whether the job is for both or girls or both. We learned that anyone can do any job!

We thought about what we want to be when we grow up. Click on our videos below to hear some of our ideas.

We visited Morriston Fire Station where we had a turn at using the hose, went insdie a fire engine and hear the sirens, saw the fire pole and the kit room.

We read "My Mummy is a Firefighter" and then we got invited to Blaenymaes Fire School where we earned our very own firefighter lanyards by completing the different challenges.

We wanted to know how Superheroes fly, so we explored different materials, such as string, sellotape, pipe cleaners and magnets, to make our superheroes fly across the city! We talked to our friends about which method we thought was the best.

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We loved sharing some of our favourite learning activities from our Everyday Heroes topic with our famiies. Thank you all for coming!